Ogryn Weapons

Per this Update due out tomorrow.

So, a new 2h weapon to the Preacher. Another 1h weapon to the Ogryn. Ogryn has a 1h club already. Preacher has a 2h hammer already. Though Preacher has no 1 handed Club and Ogryn has 0 2H melee weapons. Makes no sense. Here are some numbers.

Weapons per class by number:

Psyker - 29 Weapons (Melee and Ranged)
Veteran - 38 (Melee and Ranged)
Preacher - 33 (Melee and Ranged)
Ogryn - 13 (Melee and Ranged) 13… Seriously???

Bad enough that both weapons were not for Ogryn, as we can plainly see, but to give the Crusher to the Preacher whom already have a 2h Thunder Hammer which just got buffed is pure insult to injury. I am sure it is just FS way of saying I’m sorry we can’t figure out a fix for the toughness issue that annoys Preachers so much, but damn.

Oh well, guess us Ogrym will do what we do. Go in with the least amount of Armor, Weapons and Intelligence and still manage to keep everyone else alive.

Honestly though FS. This has got to be addressed. Ogryn needs a 2H weapon. Not to mention more weapons overall, but a 2H for sure. Pure travisty.

(Weapon counts pulled from this post)


Just to note, the new maul for the Ogryn is the Power Maul, which is different from the rest

Saying that, I would have prefered it the other way around, a 2h Maul for the Ogryn, and a smaller maul for the Zealot.


Psyker - 29 Weapons (Melee and Ranged) → 5 + 3 (Duelling Swords)
Veteran - 38 (Melee and Ranged) → 3 + 3 (Heavy Swords)
Preacher - 33 (Melee and Ranged) → 3 + 3 (Lucius, no idea what the difference is for those)
Ogryn - 13 (Melee and Ranged) 13… Seriously???

Shared: 67-13-8-6-6=34, when divided by 3 (Number or users) you get 12, so while the Ogryn statistically has less weapon developed for it than the rest, it’s not as steep as you paint it to be.

Though I do say that, and I want more Ogryn weapons (Multilas, Lascannon, Heavy Bolter, Goliath Hand Cannon, Flail, 2h Hammer/Axe…) and i hope the Ogryn is the 1st to get it’s second Class (Under the hope that they introduce fitting weapon each times)

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The non-ogryn classes have a lot of weapons because there’s a lot of overlap.

The catachan swords, most of the autoguns, half the laser weapons, most of the axes, etc.

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If we divide the shared weapons equally end up at:

  • Psyker: 20
  • Zealot: 18 ->19
  • Vet: 18
  • Ogryn 13 ->14

What toughness issue are you referring to?

Nothing is shared with us. Also, still even without shared weapons… low class on the old totem pole. Now if both weapons went to Ogryn as they should have, then the numbers looks a little more even.
Psyker = 20
Preacher = 18
Vet = 18
Ogryn = 13 → 15

The chip damage past 90% toughness, keeps Prechers from running low hp in Heresy+ in a low hp/high dps build without serious risk. Yet for some odd reason the Sharpshoot has double the Toughness of every other class.

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Yeah, I’ll admit that I’m pretty disappointed that zealot gets all of the fun 2h weapons while Ogryn just gets a bunch of 1h bonksticks. It’s especially puzzling when you see enemy crushers wield 2h weapons with ease while we can’t. Same with enemy ragers using dual wield melee while our own zealots cannot. Giving Ogryn some 2h weapons might help solve some of the low Ogryn playercount problem, since he doesn’t have many (arguably any) weapons that match his BIG MAN SMASH power fantasy.

I really hope GWS didn’t tell Fatshark that they don’t want the player Ogryn using 2h weapons because it doesn’t fit the image they want to market. I wouldn’t put it past GWS, though, since that’s what happened when Fatshark asked GWS if the Warrior-Priest in Vermintide could use a flail. The answer was no, they couldn’t. Luckily, GWS did approve the flail-and-shield combo, which I’m perfectly happy with.

Ogryns definitely get the short end of the stick on weapons. Though to be fair I’ve yet to find something I want besides my Cleaver and Heavy Stubba

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Ogryn are massive and wield massive weapons with crazy reach and stagger. I don’t see the issue. One handed, two handed they can krump either way.

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So, I think you’re slightly misunderstanding how toughness works. Which is completely understandable, as it’s not communicated anywhere in the game (save for the misleading mention in the tutorial section). I’ve tested it pretty thoroughly, so I’ll relay what I’ve learned in case you are and I’m not misreading anything.

Basically, melee chip damage only occurs at toughness which is less than 100% of the base total toughness of that class. Any hits taken when your toughness is above 100% of the class base total do not impart chip damage. So, Sharpshooters still take chip damage at anything less than 200 toughness, because 200 is the base for their class.

To determine the final chip damage amount, the missing percentage of toughness from the class base toughness is multiplied into the incoming damage. For example, if you had 190 toughness on Sharpshooter, that would mean that you were missing 5%. Taking a 20-damage hit would then chip you for 20 * .05, or 1 damage.

For low-HP builds on Zealot, stacking toughness curios is kind of essential imo. I have 3 +17% toughness curious on mine, for a total of 151 toughness, and I often manage to avoid taking HP damage unless I want to.

Yes, nothing is shared with the Ogryn, and I didn’t divide the shared weapon on it, so not much to say on it

And I also did say that I would have preferred the weapon distribution differently, futhermore since there isn’t any other Insignia leak that would point toward another Ogryn weapon

This is what I’m most concerned about. None of the other leaked weapons are candidates for the Ogryn, and I’m sure most or all of those weapons were supposed to launch with whatever the original intended release. It’s pretty clear that this game launched way before schedule, judging from the frantic updates and the Intercept promo videos still prefacing events that take place before we enter the picture. And weapons take a long time to develop. If we do get more Ogryn weapons down the line, we probably won’t see them for a -long- time.

While I’m also still hoping for a two handed chain-axe for the ogryn let’s reserve our judgement until we see the weapon in action, the crusher will probably be an hord control weapon with a lot of impact but no penetration (which is already plentiful for the ogryn) while the power maul could be the next powersword or some kind of thunder hammer that we drasticly miss.

Sadly I think it’s a normal human weapon, as you can see it on the Mauler enemy, same way we see the Crusher is on the Assassination target

Yeah, that’s part of my disappointment with the game. It wouldn’t matter to me if the weapon selection was half of what it is right now if those weapons were actually iconic and fun to use.

For example, grenadier gauntlet plus slab shield, like in the tabletop, or crazy stuff like dual wielding power sword and chain sword as Zealot. There are so many possibilities, I don’t get the decision to make the weapon selection as boring as it is right now.

I kinda wonder why they don’t let ogryn have some weapons from other classes.

Give ogryn an evicerator and give it the chainsword moveset bc its a 1 hander for him. Stuff like that.

Too dumb and too stronge

My only point is that some of the melee weapons could be put on ogryn without much changing that way FS can reuse assets and focus on making ogryn specific weapons that cover his needs rather than just filling out his options and wasting time.

Ogryn needs a 2h and some anti armor options

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Power Maul will probably be an anti-armor weapon. Their current bully club is pretty good anti-armor on the overhead power attack right now for those who haven’t used it much.