Ogryn & Melee DMG

Is it just me or does it feel like for the biggest and strongest Character the melee Weapons do less DMG, or more like not the DMG i would expect, compared to the other classes which are tiny?

Just to some things in Perspective:
Here are the light attacks of some weapons my Ogryn has(lvl 21):
Shovel 99
Cleaver 136
Shovel 89
Club 82
Power Maul 161
Shield 88

Here are some DMG numbers from my Veteran(lvl 30):
Shovel 92
Tactical Axe 83
Knife 49
Power Sword 99
Chain Axe 82
Combat Axe 212
Sword 57
Chain Sword 122

So It feels like being 2.50m high and comprised of only muscle nets down to a +5 to +10 DMG increase.


I’m pretty sure Ogryn has immense stagger power compared to other classes.


Yup and its weapons seem to have higher innate cleave, from what I can say. (Power Sword aside :slight_smile: )
Additionally we would need to look at Damage and First Target stats on these weapons, otherwise these numbers are not really reliable.

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I know that the class is designed around crowd control and stagger but overall it feels bad to hit a squishy man sized enemy and it just stands up again. It invokes a suspension of disbelieve while playing and does not reflect the overall Ogryn presentation.


Yeah I get what you mean, but then again that is how most of melee weapons work on Damnation, some even on Heresy.
Additionally besides cleaver, Ogryn mainly has blunt weapons, making them puny heretics flyyyyyy :smiley:

You need to hit a trapper 15 times with your stick when you are using the shield.
It’s terrible.

edit : anyway, been saying that since I first played Ogryn, the lack of strength of the class does not compute with what its base physique is.


Yep and that’s were i start to question the strength of my big guy when these flying enemies just stand up again. I know here has to be some balance but this goes out the window when we have weapons on other classes that reliable one hit minor enemies but the orgyn struggles.

Now, now, I play all chars, lvl 30 for last 2 weeks.
Truly beside PS (when activated), there is no weapon that kills enemies with light attacks on Heresy+. Of course if you add all the builds, blessings, cleave, crit, bleed modifiers and so on this changes, but clean/unbuffed light attack is weak across the board. I’d assume it is the speed of swings that suppose to make up for it and be a differentiating factor between light and heavy attacks.
Also remember about unlimited cleave perk on Oggy.

Ogryn’s melee weapon can be compared to 2h weapons of Zealot that Ogryn’s melee weapon has long reach, short dodge distance. What amazing thing is Ogryn’s melee weapon got longer reach, and longer dodge distance(5%), good cleave, better heavy attack damage normally, and better stagger.

And down sides are…

  1. Ogryn is big, it makes him hard to hide behind cover. It means it makes you hard to dodge bullets cover to cover and meleeing.
  2. Real slow attack speed other than Cleaver’s light attacks. Bully Club has long wind up time for its light attack, Slab shield is just slow. Latrine shovel has decent attack speed for Ogryn weapon, but normally weak, and its Maniac damage is terrible somehow. Power Maul’s light attacks are fast because of bug I guess (attack speed stat doesn’t affect weapons attack speed, and it has fast light attack speed, I think it applies as max attack speed). Almost every weapon’s heavy attacks have long windup time, Zealot’s Eviscerator and thunder hammer has even faster heavy attack. And Ogryn got too much heavy attack feats. His damage reduction feat is related to Heavy attack, his toughness regen is related to heavy attack.
  3. No high fire rate and precise ranged weapon, so get suffer from ranged guys more than the other classes. Ripper gun, and Heavy stubber need way too much ammo to kill far distance enemy, because of its inaccuracy, and damage fall down.
  4. Weak weakspot damage bonus. His overhead heavy attack and power maul’s overhead light attack has normally 3% headshot bonus, 7% to infested, only 15~20% to flak armor. Which is terrible when you got armor damage perk and good penetration Bully club, and attacks Scab bruiser’s head, body shot gives way more damage, it doesn’t feel right.
  5. Only Cleaver has useful attack damage buff blessing which is slaughter. The other weapons got ‘Skullcrusher’, it only works for enemies who are staggering, but you can’t stagger Crusher, most of time you need to push to gain benefit unlike Headtaker blessing of the other classes weapon which is easy to proc.
  6. Even weapon’s better stagger + his passive doesn’t work sometimes, Scab stalker ignores my shovel’s light attack and keep run away.
  7. Lots of bugs make his weapons weaker than they are supposed to be.

I agree one hundred percent. My first 30 was an Ogryn. It was baffling to me how my massive 2.5 meter tall behemoth would be slamming the same low level mobs two or three times while just a few meters away a vet with a powersword basically makes my entire class, special ability, and 50-60 hours of gameplay irrelevant because they can cleave through an entire mob.

I think powerswords should be that powerful, and that Ogryns should be buffed so they really embody being a massive hulking abhuman evolved into a freaking killing machine. They shouldn’t be like “oh - you can get a damage increase that is immediately accessible to others by a perk on a weapon.” Oh no - it should be massive and staggering.



I think they should make Ogryns way slower, but give their weapons big massive swings that deal a lot of damage and tons (I mean tons) of knockback. I want like 10 guys to fly back onto their asses when my Ogryn swings his club.


My only problem with ogryn is I feel like he doesn’t have quite enough sustain. I haven’t experimented with builds and the various blessings enough to say for sure but at heresy+ he feels the worst to me when it comes to dealing with less than stellar teammates. As in he really needs a lot of help keeping high numbers of ranged units at bay because he’s the one class that has the fewest tools for dealing with them. If you have less reliable teammates the Ogryn really suffers. I’d like to see him get maybe a bit more resistance to ranged attacks in some form or another.


Please add for Ogryn


The Ogryns melee damage is laughably low compared to the lore, he should be stomping through crowds no problems. The Veteran with his powersword makes a much better crowd clearer then an Ogryn with a massive mace. Hopefully Ogryns melee weapons get a bit of a damage buff sometime.


Have you tried Ragin Bull feat?

This was one of my first thoughts as well, i dont understand how this wasnt given to ogryn as an innate passive

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It has serious bug now.

Even bug fixed, it’s arguably weaker than Zealot’s feat, at least to 1~3 target.

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I second this, I wish I could give a more detailed rundown of it all, but it is hard to gain the weapons needed to cross-reference data :))))))

But, as an Ogryn, I have a Powermaul looking like this:

By all means, this is a great maul! High modifier rating of 377 and 80% in Damage to boot too.
But even so, on Heresy difficulty, it is ONLY due to the +20% damage increase to infested Enemies, I can BARELY 2-tap the horde infested enemies with my sweeping blows and it simply just feels bad.
I don’t know where the balance lies, 1 tapping might put him over the edge, but without the +20% increase, it is a 3-tap to kill them. And beyond that, every other enemy and armor type is also something the Ogryn lacks the damage to deal with, so it ain’t really the issue of “well-infested enemies is the weak side of Ogryn melee”.

The stagger is nice, but simply not good enough in my experience, most of the time you just slap enemies back and forth forever and because they get hyper-staggered, they end up flying too much to the left and right that they end up flanking you, so you can’t even justify Ogryn have a good crowd control kit to him.
In general, the zealot hits just as hard, but have SO much more increased attack speed that they minces anything fast enough for it to be a real issue for them and the group.

TL:DR - Ogryns lack of damage simply doesn’t suffice on higher level, struggling to even kill the most basic of fodder enemies.


You can’t kill Infested trash with 2 diagonal light attacks on Damnation, they got 300 health. By the way really good stat weapon.

Yeah, I also concluded that myself even without playing damnation :b
Ogryn just swings too slow to justify that low damage, often Heresy I just swing into a group of infested for 5min until my friends take pity on me and help me out.
Like, I get it, I fill a role, CC machine, but death is the best CC, making the Zealot a much more attractive role for that.

Thanks, just wish I got the Confident Strike blessing, almost feels mandatory for the Ogryn.