Ogryn & Melee DMG

Look, I hearted your post ok.
Still, let me express my deep rooted, but civilized, hatred over you having this maul when it obviously rightfully belongs to Chtul.
Please send to PO box “CHTUL”.

Signed : CHTUL


I’ve heard your criticism and feedback.
While I do agree, Chtul does seem like a great candidate to wield such Powermaul, when running it over with Tokk, he disagreed on such claims.
So for the unforeseeable future the maul with remain will Tokk.

EDIT: I just karking rolled this in the shop, Tokk is favoured by the Emperor.


Friendship with Tokk over.
Now Best Maul is Chtul best freind.


I’m in agreement, aside from the power maul and shovel it feels like some weapons are just trash like the mk1 club which is literally just a pipe. I wish one of the knives could actually do great armor pen and single target damage so we could simulate the “huge knife” profile from the 9th edition guard codex since that’s -2AP and 2 damage on tabletop. The knives in this game are either sir shank a lot but no ap, or sir horde clear and also no AP. The club and shield I feel is only for stagger and while it can be ok, I think fatshark was afraid to make ogryn melee too good because then the character would actually be fun to play. I’d rather slap things around in melee as zealot right now.

Well to be fair we should distinguish Flak and Carapace armor, yes most Oggy weapons are weak against Carapace as most melee wpns in the game, then again we have 1 enemy in full Carapace (Crusher) rest have singular pieces: Maulers faceshield, Bulwarks shield, Reapers shoulderpad.
All of Ogryn weapons are very good agaist Flak if you look at their dmg profiles and performance.
The Club that you dismiss out of hand is actually the best weapon on Ogryn against Carapace armor (look at 3rd light attack and 1st heavy), not counting powered wpns.

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I was about to say the same thing, But I think it would be nice if there were small pushback to the enemies or some sort of melee suppression to standard-size enemies. If you see a 3 to 4-meter man swing a hunk of steel at you. You would at least feel overwhelmed.

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You mean… stagger ?


Add to that that any ogryn weapon pretty much needs the confident striker toughness on chain hit to have that survavibility edge.

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Getting there …

Not bad, you just need one good perk roll (I like 20% damage to infested, so you can 2-tap them on heresy) and confident strike as a blessing.

Ah so one in a million or something !
I’ll be waiting to see what they do with the blessing crafting :slight_smile:
(sorry for the off topic stuff to OP)

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More like cowering in fear.

It doesn’t help that Ogryn has 3 BROKEN (Bugged) feats and abilities at the moment:

  • Aura doesn’t apply 10% damage on heavy swings to self, heavies are core to class (ACKNOWLEDGED bug where it may not work. edit: doesn’t work w at least 1 feat)
  • Raging Bull — +5 damage (next melee hit) on melee hit for each enemy hit with the initial attack. Doesn’t work properly(ACK)
  • Charge speed boost doesn’t work except for cleaver/shovel lights. (ACK)

^ Right there we have a typical 20-40%+ missing damage buff, and much more on thick groups. Some of these have been known since beta, combined it’s a rather sizable chunk of missing damage output with NO ETA on a fix. Add the dreg gunners with massive extra suppression and stagger resist, and it makes for frustrating gameplay on heresy+

Then there are some broken blessings like armor brittleness. We won’t mentioned the ranged options…


He just feels wrong: so tall but moves at the regular speed, so big but strikes are so slow and weak.
Also, compared to Footknight’s charge, Ogryn’s feel lackluster for some reason.
In Vermintide you push them away, bash with your shield and here they kinda just lie down.

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I am missing the crazy shield bash stagger that we had in VT really much. But i think this would push the shield into “Best-in-slot” territory for CC weapons.

It takes about ten light hits with an 80% damage shield&Maul to kill a trapper.

4-5 strong attacks with bleed to kill a group of poxwalkers. Each of those attacks flings them apart from each other so you can’t properly chain your attacks to hit all of them reliably.
They stand back up and immediately begin a running attack.

Melee as an Ogryn is tedious. Usually you just keep knocking guys around until the rest of your team with the actual killing potential arrives and they decimate the horde in seconds.

What’s the point of staggering? Already on heresy there’s too many Maulers, crushers, ragers etc. For an Ogryn to bind them all up. A couple will go for you and Bind YOU in melee. While you’re busy plonking them on the head for no damage, other elites will walk past you and target your team. Staggering is useless without damage potential to back it up, because ultimately you need to kill your enemy to win. And the other classes excel at killing, so after they’ve dealt with their enemies they’ll gladly help you finish off the guys you’ve been whacking at with your oversized wiffle bat…

People always say “Oh but he has huge stagger!”

So what? I’ve never encountered a situation where it wouldn’t have been more beneficial to the team to have an additional veteran instead of Ogryn.

-Power Sword trivialises waves and armor alike
-Grenades bring all the stagger you need in limitless numbers, with range a big aoe and good damage.
-His ability let’s him quickly get rid of extremely dangerous enemies even in the thick of a fight.
His ranged weapon selection is staggeringly comprehensive and effective compared to the Ogryn’s.

Don’t get me wrong, Ogryn is fun a lot of the times but rarely have I ever felt effective as a class. Always outshined.


Hey I agree it’s effectiveness is somewhat less apparent.
Yet I think examples you give are a bit selective. Slabshield is the weakest of Ogryns weapons, becasue it is a Defensive one. With Power Maul you kill the same Trapper (T5) with 2 hits, like most other “good” weapons on other classes.
Let us not make it about PowerSword, that is a matter of weapon balance and we discuss the classes here. No one stops you from playing Vet if you want.
I have seen many Vets go down in the middle of the horde and almost failed runs because they were charging in with their PS instead of taking down ranged targets, what is their primary job, only ogryn charge saving the day.
So again for me it is purely theoretical discussion, becasue I do not see in pubs too many great players, there are different levels of skill and utilisation of classes strong suits.
Does Veteran have advantage in opening moments of any engagement, yes, I do think so. It does not mean it is better suited for all situation in Darktide.
Just my opinion though, no one has to share it :slight_smile:
If anyone is curious, I am 250hrs in, playing all classes, rotating them regularly.
I personally have most fun with Zealot and Ogryn atm.

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It kills a trapper with two charged attacks which is a very big condition, bc trapper runs away and charge up slows you down to a halt.
Ofc if you get him with the first hit you get him with the follow-up. But a Zealot just minces him instantly, no need for making yourself vulnerable.
Ogryn for sure has his upsides, but I still don’t think his puny melee attacks realize him well as a player fantasy (and far from true to lore if we gonna be petty about it :b).

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Yes, but other weapons that kill fast are also either powered or revved.
Maul power->hit is one of the fastests and thanks to Ogryn stagger+cleave you can easily chain these, cause everything around you is downed or flying :wink:

As I said in previous post, just my opinion.
Thanks for a cultural exchange @BigDickMcCree , happy heretic hunting !!

I enjoy playing Ogryn a lot. More than I wanted really, because I thought my class would be psyker (but it poop). Ragdolling everything in my path feels fairly in line. But if you’re not fighting hordes, it does feel messed up when it takes you 2 attacks to kill a single poxwalker. I think they could probably amp up the first strike damage way higher on all of it of the Ogryn’s weapons OR increase the damage and drop-off but leave the stagger as is. Zealot is due a new passive anyway instead of that terrible invincibility for 5 seconds that helps maybe once per game. Fix that on Zealot into something they can realistically benefit from on cooldown and the big boi and yelly can get along bruv.