How are Ogyrns peforming?

Just want to hear everyone’s feedback on how every class is performing. I’m new to Fatshark games but so far have a 20 Ogyrn and 15 Veteran. I wonder if I should keep leveling my Ogyrn. It’s a fun class but just feels “bad” to play compared to my Vet. Yeah we have good stagger, good crowd control, and can tank with a shield but our damage seems alittle low and we are so big ranged melts us. Not sure how good we are with all our talents and bleed stacks for dmg reduction though. On my veteran I can deal with basically anything from a safe distance or close, I can dodge stuff, powersword and bolter I heard are also insane and might be strongest right now. Idk if it’s just me needing to git gud but they just feel too team reliant whereas other classes feel like they can stay alive much easier and do more damage. For reference I do 3/4s right now and in 4s the ranged melts me so fast sometimes it’s insane

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Fantastic melee horde clear and crowd control, pretty poor options vs ranged which as you’ve found gets painful at higher difficulties. Thematically I like the ogryn the most but I reckon it’ll be hard to go back once I’ve played the other classes purely because of the ranged difficulties (getting ogryn to 30 then going from there).


Often they are not tanking with the shield, what I see is that the horde is 3 meters in front of the Ogryn and being taken care of by zealots actually playing the game (rather than standing still).
The ranged class is busy covering the Ogryns back, as the shield only covers the front and the average Ogryn have zero situational awareness when “tanking”.

We… have a shield.

Other than that? Pretty weak (but fun) ranged options, and godly CC in melee. The latter being not that important when anyone with a power sword or eviscerator can kill stuff in seconds anyway.

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As others have said, the Ogryn has great CC in melee, but that isn’t a capability in high demand right now.
I do like the grenade launchers; With some practice, you have a very high range ranged CC that can blow enemies out of cover and disable snipers - still, offensively, the class is a little underwhelming, and defensively, itonly works on lower difficulties.

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I’ve only taken my ogryn as high as tier 4, but he’s one of my best classes. His F allows him to quickly close distance, the mk3 bull cleaver is one of the best all around melee weapons in the game with great cleave, decent dodges and good damage against everything except carapace armor, and powerful CC ranged weapons (which can make up for his lack of carapace armor damage). If you’re not caught in a bad situation then he’s quite powerful, unfortunately he’s more prone to getting caught in bad situations due to his limited long range accuracy and large hitbox. If you’re caught out in the open with no cover to get behind and lots of ranged enemies shooting at you, you’ll very quickly get downed on tier 4 (and I’ll obviously assume tier 5). The real problem with ogryn for me is that his weapon selection is incredibly lopsided, with only one good melee option and only two good ranged options as far as I’m concerned. The mk3 bull cleaver is great as I already said, and the grenadier gauntlet and rumbler grenade launcher are both accurate explosive weapons, but they have a limited range and lack of precision against enemies in cover. Other than these weapons, everything else he has needs big buffs, including the shield.