The Ogryn chat

Hello my fellow Rejects,

Until Fatshark makes individual class topic posts I will be trying and I invite you all to link discussions relating to the Ogryn for easier viewing for both us and the devs because as it stands peoples feedback, thoughts, tests, reviews and rants are getting lost in the sheer amount of posts, which is a good thing mind but not if it get lost and buried. You don’t have to agree or disagree with the post this is completely unbiased, as long as it has the word Ogryn in it link it here, all this post is is a library for the big guy (would that if he could read)



Well for my post, I will say I noticed some difference at least with Heresy and the current patch. Bullet damage being toned down appears to have made it slightly easier to survive, but maybe that was just my team being really good or something.

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thank you for putting this together, hopefully most of these get seen. I’ve read pretty much all of them and can say we all seem to want the same thing. Make Ogryns less trash.

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Well one of those is complaining about ogryns for a different reason that I do not agree on.

The “Ogryn were a mistake” one.

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@walfegood You don’t have to agree or disagree with the post this is completely unbiased, as long as it has the word Ogryn in it link it here

I don’t want to contribute to the spam threads so I’ll add this here - the shield push feels useless. As an Ogryn I’m trying to heavy attack, and the push followup attack can only be a light attack, not a heavy. I have to wait to input the hold command due to the limiting nature of having one button for both light and heavy attacks.

This results in me preferring to never use the shield push, because the followup attack has to wait, or it’s only a light attack, and that gap means I probably take damage, where if the attack could be a heavy attack, it would get used more often.

I understand that for some people the action queuing and reaction times mean that they will prefer to be able to hold mouse 1 after shield pushing, but please give us the option to change the shield push attack to heavy, or to hold our attack button to make it a heavy attack.

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The class is a huge disappointment after leveling it to level 30 and then playing veteran 30 and now zealot.
Ogryn and psyker are in a terrible place when you can have fun playing a very mobile and efficient zealot or an elite killer veteran.

Psyker was there with those 2 in closed beta but got nerfed to nothingness for mysterious reasons and Ogryn is just plain boring to play past the leveling with absolutely terrible weapons and no balance for how slow and how much damage he takes both because of his size and slowness.

Adding my post about the skill tree.