Ogryn feels sluggish

Is it just me or does it take ages now for the ogryn to start and finish a heavy attack now or even the push follow up attack, I’ve tried the club and knife + a few different variant’s with better stats and I still feel like I’m moving in slow motion. I’m hoping I just have terrible weapons and that I can get better ones.


Not just you. I played ogryn in the beta and now it’s a shitshow.

It’s slow to move, slow to hit, locked into the swing/block/push animation, it’s absurd.

The push has zero impact feeling. In beta (or vermintide as well) when you push you can hear the “thump” and see enemies impacted, now there is nothing and you can’t even tell if you actually pushed something when there is too much enemies around because some seems to not be affected.

On top of it, clear hits, like 2 mt from me, with a gun and with melee, sometimes are not registered at all.

No idea what have been done this past month but sure as well, a WHOLE LOTTA DAMAGE.

This bs + constant disconnections unless in a vpn are going to be an easy refund by the time the release date come through.

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Thought I was losing my mind, The movement I can live with but the attacks are just painfully slow.

Reading around the feedback forum seems that it’s a general feeling that there has been some bad issue with the combat and, on top of that, netcode is terrible compared to the last beta in which it was snappy.

I was expecting this to be the classic fatshark release but hell, this is worse than expected.

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Been playing ogryn and it feels great, moves are slow but hit like a truck, I havent played the closed beta but I dont feel like he needs a buff. I have been steamrolling everything basically solo from bosses to specials to trash on 3rd difficulty. Only thing I think I agree on is pushing enemies not being as satisfying as in vt, also feels like it has a massive range much further then what the animation suggests.

He definitely hits a lot harder and I’ve learned its a lot easier mixing in the alt attacks, slaps and upper cuts, to keep enemies under control. It’s viable just not as fun currently.

They really messed a lot since closed beta. Psyker feels really akward to play ass, Zealot is absolute mess with ult bugged/matryrdom stacs bugged/talents bugged and Ogryn feels like forever to do any action. I thought it’s only me but you guys feel too like he suddenly moves like fly in honey…

Veteran meta is upon us soon. The only class that feels good to play now.

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There is still the issue of the ogryn grenade being an absolute useless POS unless you spend a talent point on it. We gave this feedback in the closed beta but apparently no one payed attention.


Cool, I thought I was just imagination things as I made my Ogryn max height, figured maybe that’s why he was so sluggish, but yeah… he seems a bit too slow, feels like work walking to enemies now haha

Also seemed harder/slower to chain attacks, especially heavy swings. Since I remember it feeling like a blast trying out Ogryn in the beta, but now it just felt kinda tedious.

I love the grenade personally, deals a pretty nice chunk off bosses and any elite or special it hits is deleted.


He’s laserbait. If your teammates don’t take out ranged enemies you’re done.


I literally made an account just to echo this. Playing the Ogryn in CB felt sooo frikken great, it singlehandedly hyped me for the release/pre-release. But playing it now for a few hours has been totally crushing, the experience could not be farther from the CB. I just feel like i am playing at 0.5x speed with a 0.5sec delay on every action, it’s absolutely awful. If the goal is to make us feel like a sluggish brute, goal achieve i guess. It’s just not fun to play. Please revert these changes FS!

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I’m really enjoying playing as Ogryn. I’ve been using shield with bleed stacks perk and I just wade into hordes and keep mostly everything at bay. The combat feels methodical to me rather than slow.

Yeah the more I play Ogryn the more I like him, I feel like some attacks could use a small tweak to attack speed at least but I still dominate nearly battle

I think the main problem Ogryn has is his heavy attacks are really slow and he’s far too weak against ranged enemies unless you rock a slab shield.

A easy solution would be to speed up heavy attacks by about 15% and add a new iconic passive called Bullet Sponge.

Bullet Sponge: Makes the Ogryn immune to being “stunned” (the slow effect when you get hit while out of toughness) by ranged enemies and takes 20% less damage from ranged attacks in general. This would help immensely for higher difficulties where everyone and their mum has a gun.

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I thought it was a problem with my pc. I played the closed beta and it was ok on speed. But on this beta the ogryn got really slow. Up until now I thought I was running the game on lower FPS because even when he is walking and sprinting it feels like I am walking in a swamp. His attack speed is so slow that to charge a heavy attack, you end up getting hit before you can actually attack.

For the melee class with the least viable options by far to deal with ranged enemies, you’d think his talents would compensate in some way

having played the ogryn to lvl23 and recently created a vet to play with beginner I confirme that combat as an ogryn feel incredibly slow, you have to constantly jump back and forth to avoid getting hit while charging one attack. And damage don’t really give you the feeling of power (knockback does at least), you’re the ultimate horde control but a massive ogryn shouldn’t be so slow at mouving a butter knif. If we had a two handed weapon I could get it but I would lave a faster attack speed, especially when closing the distance, the way the ogryn slow down to arm his attack often give ennemy the time to shot a bit more and I end up using special to initiate then charge while they get up. but that make shield and mace even more essential.