Some minor Ogryn Feedbacks

So, been mostly playing Ogryn since getting the game and have a few bits of feedback currently. These are all from my personal experience and how things ‘feel’ so far.

General combat things

  • Alot of attacks from ‘elites’ (honestly many elites feel like they should be specials because of the disables) have massive pushback, even for ogryns, this is not fun as, with you already being a massive target means, without a shield, or people focusing on them (which with how easy they are to loos in the mass and no indicator they spawned) means you can be pushed around willy nilly as a big boy. Gunners and Flamers are the worst about this, especially with the flamer’s instant full toughness break at even a touch of damage.
  • Bulky boy, small doorways and ‘phasing through’ allies with normal movement. This means you can move forward to blook a horde or protect your allies but only end up ruining their ability to shoot enemies, it would be nice if there was either friendly body collision to mitigate this, and, perhaps let allies climb onto the Ogryn for a short time from behind to shoot over them
  • Weapon wise, I do like the some what shorter range focus, in general. It does come into some issues though by causing issues with some challenges (more on this later) it mostly means your guns feel almost entirely ‘samey’. Like there are two Ripper variants, but they are both the same with only the change of the MK5 having a faster RoF than the MK2, otherwise they are functionally identical unlike many of the autoguns that function differently between the different types
  • Challenges, specifically the “Friends will be Friends” challenge. This is just, bad. You as the Ogryn have almost no control over if you get it or not, you can ask your team to stay close to you, but even a single Fanatic or Other ogryn means you cannot get this done, same with areas where you need to split up, or, if Mutants/Nurgle Beasts spawn/any other special or elite the pushes people around. With this being for a cosmetic, having so many things outside the players control determine if they can/can’t get it, is just…bad. Heck, even some Drop Points can fail it if people don’t all drop down simultaneously. I would recomend it be something like: Rescue x allies while under fire on Malice or higher. or something similar, instead of requiring a full malice mission without breaking full cohesion even once.
  • The ogryn charge ability gets cancelled by any grapple ability. It’s strong enough to counter the charge of a bigger plague ogryn, but a mutant ignores it if they are charger and wins the ‘collision’, it doesn’t knock plague hounds off allies, and Nurgle Beasts can grab you out of it and instantly move into swallowing the big fellow
  • Grapples should be resistible, or break outable by the ogryn. It shouldn’t be as fast as being rescued, but you are big strong boy. Let us be big strong boy.
  • Knock back effects are as ‘large’ on the ogryn as on the others, why? He’s massively more mass, a barrel explosion knock back shouldn’t send him flying as far as the little psycher boys!
  • An indicator of cohesion range would be great for ogryn as they are SUPPOSED to stay close to their allies, but with their massively short range and charge ability this isn’t as clear.
  • The passive ability they get to not be interupted while picking allies up does not apply to rescuing from nets, and, is still broken if you get pushed, perhaps while they are getting people up they should be made imune to knockback, but, if they start the pickup hold, they cannot cancel it.

Grenade Gauntlet

  • The Grenade Gauntlet feels inept at being a grenade launcher, the ‘blast’ from it feels very small and is less AOE than Vet/Fanatic grenades by a large margin
  • The special attack feels rather week, and, is basically ignored by many enemy types. I’ve landed it on a Mutant before only for them to instantly grab me and charge away a few steps to start the ‘pummel’ animation getting them out of range from the grenade before it could detonate.

Ripper Guns (Mk2/Mk5)

  • Touched in on this in the general class feedback portion, but, we have two ripperts, the only difference is one is green and shoots slower making it’s recoil managable, and one that is blue that shoots super fast but is uncontrolable. Both the main and ‘ads’ fire modes are the exact same. Both have the same ‘special’ attack as well.
  • While you have decided to use the bayonett rippers (seems this is the default on the model these days) why are we stabbing with them? The things are basically machete’s due to their size and with the fact that the entire ‘away from gun’ edge is clearly sharpened, why wouldn’t it be more of a slash or chop? I feel this would be much more satisfying, especially to the crude nature of ogryns, the thrust stab just feels…wrong?

Knockback MK5

  • Love the feel of this shotgun, love it’s ‘special attack’, don’t see the point in ‘bracing’ it as it only slightly tightens the reticle, but doesn’t affect range. For the most part though spot on, with one exception.
  • Reload time. For how close range this is, with only a single shot, the reload time is absurdly long as a base line.


  • Why do we have 3 types of knives which all function the same?
  • Why does the Shovel’s first heavy attack do a verticle chop instead of a sweep?
  • Why is the Knockback Shotgun a better club, than the actual starting club weapon?


  • Love this thing and how I feel like the slab of wall I am with it.
  • Defender Mode seems pointless currently. You become completely stationary, allies can’t ‘lean’ to peek from behind you to use you as cover, and Mutants/Hounds/Nets, can still disable your even if they’d have to push through the shield first. In Defender Mode, at the very least, make it so those enemies have to hit you from the flanks or back to take you out of it, as you can’t really see anything, and you can’t even move without breaking out of the stance.

And that’s about all the feedback I have currently. I can’t speak on the ‘highest’ level weapons as I’m about level 15ish on Ogryn currently. The only thing I have to say is that all weapons really should be available as choices at the start with baseline stats on each so players can figure out more readily what actually works for them and how they like to play.

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Great, detailed feedback. This matches up with a lot of my early experiences with Ogryn.

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Yo I’ve made a post that I’m gathering up all posts related to the Ogryn until Fatshark gives us individual class topic pages please give it a view and like so Fatshark can see our feedback all in one place.

I’ve linked this post to there.


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