More Feedback on the Ogryn

Hey, so I made a post around level 16 with the Ogryn giving some general points. Here is a new list of things:

Lorenz Kickback (shotgun): This gun just feels like it lacks a little given the size of the shell that I’m cramming in the barrel; and with so many ranged enemies to fight against, it ends up being cumbersome in higher difficulties. I would recommend a bump in damage, sleight decrease in reload, and an increase in its horizontal spread to make it better at managing crowds at a distance.

Bombs Away!: I do like the changes to big box of hurt, giving it an extra charge was awesome. However, it talent is still lacking. I actually find that it suites its purpose fairly well when the conditions are presented. However, I think that making it so it only triggers on certain enemies is a bad idea, let it trigger on any enemy or make it baseline.

Blood and Thunder: I just can’t justify this trait over heavyweight or bombs away because the bleed doesn’t provide enough damage to cause a noticeable effect. I’m not even sure how this trait fits into Ogryn’s playstyle.

Smash’em Good: This trait really lacks a place to me. Generally, I find that I need my toughness the most when fighting hordes; furthermore, there are no heavy attacks that really isolate and focus on one target with any of Ogryn’s weapons.

Lead the Charge: I think that this should do something more than just increase movement speed. If you’re charging, it’s more than likely into a horde and hordes restrict movement to some extent making this a bit moot. Instead, let it buff team’s attack speed.

Blood Thirst: I do not like this ability. Primarily because it feels that its existence is strictly to build on top of Blood and Thunder, restricting builds and forcing a certain playstyle.

Raging Bull: Please, give more detail as to what this does. I have tried testing it in the meat grinder and I am stumped because it does not increase my next strike depending on how many enemies were hit with the initial strike.

Knife Through Butter: I like the idea; however, a fully charged heavy is very difficult when being swarmed. Furthermore, even if you do fully charge it, and get some synergy from one of the tier one talents. You still lose health. Thus, you can’t really expend the wind up time to take a hit.

Loyal Protector: This talent does not work when saving allies from ledges.

Thoughts on Ogryn design:
I can not help but feel his special ability, Bull Rush, is counter to coherency and half the time I think that I end in a bad spot when I use the charge.

Another issue is heavy attacks, there’s consistently no room for them when being swarmed in higher difficulties without almost guaranteeing that you take damage, and a fair amount of Ogryn’s talents do not feel like good incentives for prioritizing heavy strikes, especially those that replenish toughness because your health can still be chipped.

Lastly, it is very difficult to play at higher levels because of shear amount of ranged enemies and you are practically forced into a specific playstyle with slab shield because of it.