Ogryn Review and Feedback after 24+ hours of pure Ogryn gaming

Health: 300
Toughness: 100
Grenade Storage: 1

Iconic 1 (Thick Skin): +20% Toughness Damage Reduction & +20% Toughness Damage Reduction.
Iconic 2 (Excessive Force): +25% Melee Stagger.
Iconic 3 (Loyal Protector): Being damaged while reviving or Assisting allies no longer interrupts you.

Aura (Intimidating Presense): +10% heavy Melee Attack Damage (Allies in Coherency).

Blitz (Big Box of Hurt): Throw a box of grenades with great strength and enthusiasm for a single target high damage.

Ability (Bull Rush): Charge Forward, knocking enemies back gaining 25% Attack Speed and 25% Movement Speed for 5s.

Level 5 Feats.

(a) Lynchpin: +100% Toughness Replenishment (Aliies in Coherency).
(b) Smash 'Em Good!: Replenish 20% Toughness on Single Enemy Heavy Melee Hit.
(c) Best Form of Defense…: Replenish 20% Toughness on Hittinf Multiple Enemies with a single Heavy Melee Attack.

Level 10 Feats.

(a) Heavyweight: +50% Melee Damage (Bulwarks, Crushers, Plague Ogryns, Reapers). +50% Damage Reduction (Bulwarks, Crushers, Plague Ogryns, Reapers).
(b) Bombs Away: Hitting a carapace Armoured enemy with your Big Box of hurt causes it to open, releasing grendades around the target.
(c) Blood & Thunder: +1 Bleed Stack on heavy Melee Hit.

Level 15 Feats.

(a) Towering Presence: +50% Coherency Radius.
(b) Lead the Charge: When you activate Bull Rush, allies in Coherency gain 25% Movement Speed for 4s.
(c) Bullfighter: +10% bull Rush Cooldown when you or an ally in Coherency kills an Elite enemy.

Level 20 Feats.

(a) Bloodthirst: +10% Damage Resistance per Bleeding Enemy in Melee range. Stacks 5 times.
(b) Hard as Nails: -25% Damage Taken for each ally currently Knocked Down or Incapacitated.
(c) Die Hard: +100% Toughness replenishment while below 25% health.

Level 25 Feats.

(a) Payback Time: When an enemy damages you, gain +20% damage against enemies of the same type for 5s.
(b) Knife through Butter: Fully charged heavy attacks have unlimited Cleave.
(c) Raging bull: +5% Damage (next melee Hit) on Melee Hit for each enemy Hit with the initial Attack.

Level 30 Feats

(a) Bull Gore: +2 Bleed Stacks on Enemies Hit by Bull Rush.
(b) Unstoppable: Increase the distance you travel with Bull Rush by 100%, and you cannot be blocked by enemies Except Monstrosities.
(c) Non-Stop Violence: Replenish 10% Toughness per Bull Rush Hit.

So I’ve played a lot of Ogryn and I’ve tested a lot of things. This is going to be a review of each ability and how powerful I think they are and what would make the Ogryn more enjoyable because in comparison to VT2 and other classes it does feel underwhelming.

Starting from the top, the Health and Toughness: Honestly the only thing that really needs a change is make toughness 150 and health 250, that would make the worlds difference.

Iconic 1 (Thick Skin): The wording is twice as long as it needs to be, only thing I would change though is maybe you take 40% less damage from ranged while keeping the 20% to melee.

Iconic 2 (Excessive Force): I really enjoy this and think it doesn’t need any changes, it was done really well and makes you feel like an Ogryn.

Iconic 3 (Loyal Protector): Much like Excessive Force I really enjoy this and think it doesn’t need any changes. Maybe just fix it so when allies are holding onto edges you don’t get interrupted but I’m assuming that’s a bug.

Aura (Intimidating Presense): Heavy attacking as an Ogryn is was too dangerous, I think instead of dealing more damage it should grant damage reduction while heavy attacking. This would make the ability more supportive as well. I would say 20% but then again I’m not a game developer.

The Blitz Ablility: While its really good at hurting bosses and killing 1 special, but that’s it. It really needs to just explode on any impact base kit. Half the time I forget I even have it because its uses are so limited not to mention you can only hold 1. When I look at the other classes grenades I feel like I 100% got the worst one.

Ability (Bull Rush): This ability is really fun, it only needs the ability to cancel it mid use as it can become a big problem when paired with Unstoppable.

Moving to the Level 5 Feats.
Lynchpin: Probably the most balanced and most used level 5 feat, keep it how it is.
Smash 'Em Good!: Probably the weakest level 5 feat in the entire game, just make it so it applies to all heavy melee hits and buff it to 30%.
Best Form of Defense…: Suffers from the same thing as Smash 'Em Good, obviously you cant have both do the same thing so change it to something like gain toughness on assists or something.

Moving to the Level 10 Feats.
Heavyweight: This feat is great, unfortunately the other ones aren’t until later levels though I think it should just apply to more enemies such as Mutants, Maulers, and maybe Ragers… not just Ogryns.
Bombs Away: This feat is just garbage, make it base kit on any hit not just carapace and have this allow you to hold 2 more grenades but reduce their damage.
Blood & Thunder: This feat is great once you hit level 25, until then its really meh.

Moving to the Level 15 Feats.
Towering Presence: Really just another feat that should be base kit, I would make it a part of the Loyal Protector iconic. Have this generate more threat from enemies, which would be nice since its around when you unlock the Shield and Club weapon.
Lead the Charge: I’ve ran this feat a few times and nobody (not even my friends in a voice call with me who I’ve asked about it) has ever even noticed it it really should buff allies attack speed and last longer.
Bullfighter: Feat is fine, maybe could have it grant bull Rush cooldown on special kills or when allies get downed as well.

Moving to the Level 20 Feats.
Bloodthirst: Great feat but much like Blood & Thunder is only great once you hit level 25 or 30. Maybe also extending bleeds caused by you would make it better?
Hard as Nails: Another great feat, doesn’t need much if any changes. Though overall this ability can lead to toxicity as I’ve seen other Ogryns not revive/helping people so they can have the buff active. if this is a concern I would make it a stronger buff (like 50%) that only applies while reviving/assisting someone and have it linger for like 5 seconds afterwards.
Die Hard The idea is nice but the effect is too hard to proc, I would definitely get more value out of this if it was at 50% health.

All of the level 25 and 30 feats are fine, I don’t have anything to say about them.

Anyways thank you to anyone who reads this all, please comment any disagreements or agreements. If somehow anyone reads this and gets offended or annoyed, I’m sorry its just my personal review.


I fully agree with pretty much everything you said here, this could go directly as a patch^^

I would only have two remarks: make the aura a 10% damage reduction rather than 20% as it will also cumulate with other damage reduction on other caracters.

Best Form of Defense: how about the best form of defense being defense? ^^ as you said give smash em good tougthness on all heavy attack and have “Best Form of Defense” give you back 5%-10% toughness for every blocked attack so you can turtle a bit in a fight before going back at it?

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i agree with the Best Form of Defense being on blocks, great idea. Might sound strong with the shield but from my gameplay all i do is block until i fully regen/get enough toughness to fight so not much but a time change.