Ogryn Feats

Of Ogryn’s feats, he has 11 feats I know for sure work, 2 I know for sure do not work, and 5 that I can’t really tell. Gonna list them.

Feats that work

  • Lynchpin
  • Smash em Good
  • Best Form of Defense
  • Heavyweight
  • Bombs Away
  • Blood and Thunder
  • Towering Presence
  • Lead The Charge
  • Bull Fighter
  • Bloodthirst
  • Unstoppable

These work. I have strong opinions about two of them at worst, but they do what they say.

Broken Feats

  • Bull Gore
  • Non-Stop Violence

Both are tier 6 and they just don’t work.

Bull Gore applies a single stack of bleed that deals 3 damage total to a target it’s applied to. The affect wears off pretty much as soon as you’ve completed a charge and turned around. The damage isn’t impactful and the effect is so brief Ogryn logically can’t benefit from the bleed with the Bloodthirst defensive talent.

Non-Stop Violence absolutely does not work. If it did, Ogryn players would change over night and you have no idea how bad I want to see that. Ult, hit 10 enemies, Ult again. Heresy and Damnation difficulties would be insane. Guys I’m begging. Turns out I completely misunderstood the name of the ult and am a massive idiot. It’s not 10% regen per enemy hit, it’s 10% toughness regen per enemy hit. Now I’m just sad, forever.


I cannot tell if these feats work at all. It’s personally harder for me to tell when a defensive trait is proccing unless it halves incoming damage or makes me invincible. So if anything on this list absolutely is working, say so and I will correct my list.

Payback Time I want to say I think it works, but I don’t see an improvement on horde clear and am unwilling to take a hit from a Crusher on Heresy or Damnation to see if that improves my damage.

Knife Through Butter; can’t tell. With slab shield, there is a noticeable improvement to cleave when Crushers and Bulwarks are present. With cleavers, it looks like it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t; I’m very unsure of what I’m experiencing in game or why.

Raging Bull; absolutely cannot see any improvement to horde clear and in meatgrinder there is no noticeable increase in damage.

It really seems like the tier 5 talents are either broken, very subtle, or have a different affect.


Raging Bull does work since I use it and do see the numbers change in the Grinder. Just use the first hit of your weapon and block to reset the combo and hit them again and you should see the number change. The only problem with it is it only increases the damage every other hit. The reason it might not look like it’s working is because a 25% (if you hit 5 enemies) is only going to give you like 25 more damage on the first target you hit (if you default hit for 100) while every other enemy after than takes less damage so it might only add up to 5 extra damage on others or less. However, I have seen it not increase damage on heavy attacks, but have also heard from others that Raging Bull seem to only work on certain attacks on certain weapons.

Knife Through Butter only works if you do a FULLY charged hit, as in letting the game let go of your hold for you. You could get two normal heavy hits out in the time it takes to do one fully charged hit. It’s pointless since doing that leaves you too open.

The devs still haven’t bothered to fix the attack speed increase not working after using Bull Rush. They have a lot of work to do to fix things. They didn’t learn any lessons from Vermintide 2’s launch and it sucks.

I like using Unstoppable and haven’t had a problem with using it on Heresy difficulties. Maybe on Damnation Non-Stop Violence would be better, but I haven’t really tried it there.

Besides some of the feats not working and others just being objectively bad and never getting used (like Smash em Good), I just want them to rework Die Hard so we’re not forced into a Bleed build since Bloodthrist is the only viable feat at level 20 since I do want to use Bombs Away since it MELTS Monstrosities. Plus choosing a feat that only works when you almost dead is ridiculous. Please enjoy the crappy MS Paint image I used in another thread I made to the devs to illustrate how they should change it to make it more viable.

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Two things Fatshark has an allergy to: buff stacks decreasing 1 at a time instead of all at once and buffs with a scaling effect instead of only activating at near-death.

Don’t care for Ogryn’s defensive feats. Like you said, bloodthirst is the most reliable one. Would much rather have feats that actively supports playing a role than feats that simply exist, not as passives but with conditions not just outside of my control but controlled by my teammates. I was under the impression that Ogryn’s job is to dive in and slug it out with enemies. One of the earliest videos that mentioned anything about playing Ogryn recommended diving in on the enemy’s backline whenever possible to tie up ranged units in melee. That advice has exclusively gotten me killed and now I have the impression that this game will actively punish melee whenever it can.

For me, it would be much better if one feat activated damage reduction on ult and the other did something cool, like an aura of suppression.

Edit: words

I’m confused, are you saying smash’em good is bad and doesn’t get used?
So you’re saying Best form of defense is better? I personally only use Smash and Lynchpin since I can’t see a reason for Best form.
Sure it improves wave clear toughness regen, but that’s not an area I need help with as most melee weapons already have the toughness on multihit blessing which helps on light attacks as well as heavy, making Best Form less appealing since many horde mobs simply die to one light attack, its wasting time having to heavy attack simply to get toughness.

I seldom need more toughness regen in wave clearing anyway, but I do need a **ck ton of it when fighting scattered ranged enemies, elites/specials or just random backstabbers who ruin everything, hehe. sure I can use chained hit blessing, but it would require a second hit for the toughness to start kicking in and the first time I saw it on a melee weapon was at lv25. Smash gives me more control.

I feel like the combo of smash’em good with a multihit blessing is the best combo for all situations. Lynchpin is a decent 2nd choice if I wanna just spam light attack and clear waves with blessings, but than I’m usually cut to pieces by the first scattered firing line of ranged enemies. the same situation where smash would actually help.

Smash’em Good also makes tanking bosses rather easy, since they smack you, and you smack’em back, getting most if not all toughness back.

Yeah this is the conundrum of my ogryn as well. How to deal with the pesky firing line of ranged enemies. So far I’ve been testing different ranged weapons to supplement my melee rush. Kickback has a good spread and can often stagger them enough to close and than you start smacking, Rumpler can sometimes get them suppressed which might help with the same rush, and then there’s grenadier.
I’ve been using +hp curios, bleed defense and bullrushing into their line and than swinging widely with smash’em good and chained hit blessing to remedy the toughness loss. It’s been going rather well so far. I’ll most likely lose a chunk of health, but I’ve got so much of it that’s it worth losing some of it, rather then one of my friends getting jacked to shreds by the ranged mobs.
without Smash’em Good though, the same rush usually leaves me downed and in need of rescue, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because again, lots of health and wounds. it’s better that I take an arrow to the knee that anyone else on the team.

I suppose a good defense perk they could’ve added was something like Borderlands Fight for your Life thing, where he might get a few seconds of rage, whirlwind swinging madly before going down or something similar. Something to help sell the idea of Ogryns actually braving the waves of enemies for his teammates. or just a perk which lets him get back to his feet at 100% toughness when he’s downed the first time, or with a long cooldown?

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lynchpin does NOT work because it is listed as replenishment and does not synergize with anything else that replenishes toughness. It only impacts regeneration which is entirely different and established as such if you’ve ever seen curios with “regeneration speed” on them. Therefore it is either bugged or wrongly worded. Unknown if die-hard has same issue.

You… aren’t forced into a bleed build at all. I don’t use any of the bleed feats.