Ogryn's Need Love

I just hit lvl 30 on them and tried out the lvl 30 feats, and wow is bull gore just useless.

Bull gore does a whopping 3 dmg on damnation for a duration of maybe 1 second. So not only is it useless for dmg, but its useless for the dmg reduction synergy with bloodthirst.

There is no reason to ever choose bull gore over the other 2 feats.

Unstoppable is incredible on damnation since you can now stun all those many, many ogryn mobs that are thrown at you.

Non-stop Violence is a quick heal in a pinch, combined with a large stun.

Having a completely useless perk for a final unlock just feels terrible.


Wish perks weren’t locked to columns. This wouldn’t be an issue if we could free choose 6 from 18

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The ogryns who feat/perk line is pretty much hot garbage beside the 50% aura increase. I am not a big fan of his aura increasing heavy melee only either. I think it should boost both light AND heavy or do a health dmg reduction. I love the ogryn but his perk line just flat sucks you have to pick the least crap of 3 every 5 levels. 90% of his choices are just flat terrible

Hes my favorite so far but his feat line and limited weapons make him a slight chore to play

They need to rework so many of the Ogryn perks.

Smash Them Good is a pointless perk since being in a 1v1 encounter is rare and there’s a perk you can get on melee weapons (well at least on the shield that I know of) that gives you 6%-7% toughness back from just chaining attacks.

Bombs Away is garbage since the extra nades that come out don’t do enough damage to warrant using the feat and we used to only have 1 nade. Now we have 2, but I never use them unless it’s a boss fight or a Monstrosity.

Hard As Nails/Die Hard are both useless since if you at the point where those feats actually kick in, you’re not going to make it and are going to fail the match. Using feats that only activate for a VERY small part of the gameplay just seems like a dumb idea.

Bull Gore is absolute garbage since giving things +2 Bleed isn’t going to light the world on fire. Non-Stop Violence gives you the ability to get Toughness back and Unstoppable gives you double the distance and you can’t be stopped except by Monstrosities.

There is only one clear path through the Ogryns feat tree and it’s a shame. Needs a big rework.


Yo I’ve made a post that I’m gathering up all posts related to the Ogryn until Fatshark gives us individual class topic pages please give it a view and like so Fatshark can see our feedback all in one place.

I’ve linked this post to there.



Not only is there one path, its nothing new or exciting.

Why arent there any ranged damage reduction traits? Its one of the biggest problems for an ogryn.

Also for a class labeled ‘skullcrusher’, we sure do a lot of running and dont really have any specific skull crushing capacity.

Too me it seems like smash them good works regardless how many you hit, but maybe I’ve not paid enough attention.
Seems like im always getting 20-40 toughness back on heavy hits.

I found the multi hit one much harder to proc and much less useful because of it.

Maybe it is based on the type of heavy hit you are using, rather then how many youre hitting with it?
Since the shield for instance does sweep multi hit heavy, where as single club does single target smacks.

I should test this tomorrow, as I remember getting much less toughness on heavy attacks after switching to shield from club and knives.