Finally Got Ogryn to Level 30

Wow, what can I say? 2 of the tier 30 talents are alright, non-stop violence and unstoppable; but bull gore is got to be the most unrewarding level 30 talent ever right now. Even the others aren’t all too exciting. I don’t know, now I just wait to get some decent RNG rolls and flail about with what feels like a kiddie pool of safe talents.

I’ve been looking forward to Darktide for quite some time now, a year and a half. However, this launch and this class have really left me disappointed. I even actively participated in giving feedback about Ogryn’s gameplay in the beta as well reporting a few game breaking bugs, which is rare for me. I’m just stumped right now, I guess.

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Yeah even watching dedicated groups play an ogryn he just kinda stands there. His team buffs are good but he can’t play Darktide most of the time with ranged dregs spread all over the map like a call of duty campaign mission. Zealot is similar but he just has terrible ammo economy concerns for this role instead of badly suited weapons.

In the current game I can’t imagine not pugging as Veteran or Psyker. Staves are serviceable on all enemy types with no ammo concerns and veteran has no issues except armor with a lasgun, unless bleed is still a joke.

Agreed, that and the missing power maul that was shown in the ogryn trailer is killing me. I wan’t to be a bullgryn with a name like skullbreaker. Also having the option for a brute shield over the slab shield in the future would be nice. On tabletop, the brute shield provides what’s called a invulnerable save ( think the bubble shield thing on the elimination missions , not the same but you get the idea ). Would love to see that in game. Also, the bullgryn maul on tabletop is a power weapon, the one paired with the shield should have a variant that gives up the ability to plant the shield for the ability to use the power maul function at least.

To see the power maul see 4 seconds in or at the 1 minute mark in the trailer

I feel like ogryn shouldn’t just be the role of melee baby sitter for the team and we need more ways to be proactive in engagement other then moving to the enemy with the shield up or dreaming the ripper gun can be decent in a ranged fight. Right now it feels like the grenadier gauntlet is the only real option for taking out snipers for example. Ogryn should also have access to an Autocannon and maybe a heavy bolter, perhaps in the future if they make an ogryn gunlugga class. We really need to be more potent in melee as well, if we’re going to drop the shield, we need to be able to still horde clear well which really only leaves the bully club or the cleaver. You can melee with the gauntlet sure, but with toughness in melee not working that well we have to think about blocking and shoving again, you can’t do that on the gauntlet.