Ogryn battle maul and slab shield is clunky and damage is way too low

Coming from Vermintide 2, the animations of the ogryn shield are just awful : too slow, too clunky, and like all damage done in the game, weirdly ineffective and with no feedback when put to use.

The god awful damage of the maul is painfully boring.
I sincerely hope we get some alternate shield for the tank role.

And what exactly is the point of the alternate attack ?
How is having a passive wall role any fun whatsoever in the design ? And really, how useful is that crap ?

edit : i’m still not convinced but this was my first 3 missions with the shield and it felt boring. Then again I really feel something is missing in the feedback to the combat. But it might just be bad invisible latency on unknown hidden server locations. Wasn’t like that on closed beta.
Also got 2 really crappy team where tanking for them was useless which did not help.
I will persevere with my big guy.


incredibly usefull? like game making?

shield and maul might not be the best at damage dealing but the powerattack crowd control is insane. And the special allow you to tank absolutly anything as long as it’s from the front.

two stubber ogryns? shield it while the psyker kill them. An assassination mission? throw in a few attack so the chef target you then turtle his hammer as your friend kill it. A trapper? shield the net, a horde arrive while two friends are down? shield a door and tank all the attack while the fourth member res your friend.

if anything I don’t see the point of any other close combat weapon from the ogryn after trying the shield, the knif is nice for damage but tanking a thousand damage without a flinch is priceless.


With respect, my 390 power slab shield, while very clunky and unweildy and sometimes frustrating, can kill an armored ogryn much, much faster than the V2 shields can kill a chaos warrior. I genuinely feel like the slab shield’s raw power can be compared to V2’s greathammer.

It is slow. Darktide doesn’t have the same speed as Vermintide at all. Kinda hurts.

Weapon special allows you to block without having your guard broken. Stamina will not deplete. I do hope different versions of the slab shield make it in game with the weapon special changed to a block charge or move tech


I can’t make you like the weapon, but if you’re open for build suggestions, the bleed on heavy attack + defense per bleeding enemy + infinite cleave talent does real work, i kid you not


I like it. Feels weighty. You can bulldozer through stuff far easier than in V2.

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The only issue I have with shield is the limited vision we get with the special, wouldn’t it be fair to ask for third person view?

this, or at least having the shield windows a bit lower so you can see through it in front of you rather than above you^^

Well after some more time with it, i don’t find it pleasant to use.

The alt block fortress is ok, i guess for the future when the playerbase will be more used to the game.

It really needs.a.3rd.peraon view to see what is happening.

But most of all, as for all the ogryn weapons, there is a definit lack of damage.
He’s supposed to be the big guy that hits slow but hard.

AnD this does not get reflected at all in the current ogryn move set and weapons and damage range.

He’s the bug guy. If i do a heavy attack with the slab shield with all my sttength, thee basic enemies shoukd die, regardless of the spot i hit them, period.
As it is, they rarely do and the string guy has to go through multiple slow hits to kill something with a hulking piece of metal.

Thus goes beyond the shield for the ogryn but is most egregious with it.
As it is, i kill faster with a melee weapon with any other class than Ogryn. How does make any sense

Also, his weapons are really uninspired and un exciting. The grenade weapons barely do any damage for some reason. And his giant machine gun is bugginly slow to fire with some mysterious waiting period of waiting before being able to fire

All in all, the ogryn needs more damage if you make him that slow, or some adjustment to the fluidity of his weapon handling and firing if he’s supposed to have such low and inconsistent damage in this class.

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I agree. The ogryn is so big he gets melted by ranged fire pretty much anywhere he stands since most cover is useless - this means at least 1-2 members of your team has to be engaging ranged enemies to suppress or kill them. Because they’re tied up doing that, the Ogryn really needs to be able to melt swarms or general melee engagements. Smashing mobs to the floor is helpful but then that’s assuming you have another player who can clean up after you.

Overall if feels like it’s 1/2 a step away from feeling phenomenal. The lack of damage just doesn’t quite do it I agree.


I think the biggest problem with the shield and slub is that it is the only viable build in higher levels. At rank 1-2 its not worth it, maybe even at rank 3. I use it no matter what more or less just because of how absurdly bad all the others are. The point - as far as i can see - is to have a Zealot + Preacher just stand behind you and shoot through you while you stand as a meat shield. Not a playstyle for everyone but right now the only Ogryn playstyle

You want the best defensive weapon in the game to also be competitive on damage?

For trashing base mobs and melee hordes ? Yes.

no it should not b e the best melee weapon for thrashing mobs. The problem is its the only good melee weapon option that ogryn has due to its main flaw of being giga big. You get chunked in 2 seconds if you dont have the shield at higher levels. Its good as a defensive option, but should not be the only option (as it is right now).

Edit: when i mean high level i mean 3-5. Its jut the best weapon by far. 1-2 doesnt matter you steamrole it and generally also steamroll 3 star, but 4-5 star is impossible

Nowhere in the thread does it talk about the best melee weapon, just something consistent at killing trash when you do a heavy attack on a trash mob, and generally more consistency and damage for killing those trash mobswith heavy attacks.

Sadly the ogryn perks are now based around heavy attacks NOT being efficient as that’s you’re supposed to apply bleed with somehow.

So just like the psyker there is a design flaw in the concept there when it will come to adjusting stuff. Pulling on one string unraveling the whole thing.

My bad misunderstood from earlier - what you are saying there i do agree on. Having all your feats being based around heavy attacks and heavy attacks on all weapons as Ogryn feeling god awful is not a good design. But i feel like a worse design must be the limited build options. The shield + club is the only viable weapon :confused:


I kind of felt like this until I realised it was my approach to using the shield that was wrong.
I was playing it on higher difficulties like it was meant for clearing rooms and sprinting instead of using my stamina to shield up while i breach cover.

Get some stamina curios and get used to putting your shield up to walk to the next cover. You actually have far more maneuverability during a fight because of the shield. You just need to approach cover from an angle that puts most of the enemy squad in the same small cone of fire so that they don’t shoot you from the sides or back. That’s what makes taking a wide open space more of a challenge with the shield.

As for feat balance I feel like bleed is honestly the most viable right now. 5 bleeding enemies giving you 50% damage reduction on top of your existing 20% means that the moment you engage a horde you’re nearly unkillable. Add to that the multiple enemies in one heavy attack replenishment feat and you can tank hordes without needing to put your shield up. It’s just the best way for you to be able to move between cover and support your team moving through environments. The problem isn’t the necessity of the shield, it’s that it’s the only way to perform this role within the team and it only has one mediocre moveset with low damage, so you can’t really kill elites effectively.

A good solution would be either a smaller shield that takes more stamina damage, especially from elites, with a higher damage or armor penetration weapon, or a skill or feat that let the ogryn tank frontal or specifically ranged damage better, so that the playstyle can be diversified.

Yes. It’s exclusive to a single archetype, and takes the only melee slot available. It having good defense doesn’t mean effectiveness in damage should be removed.

I dont think damage should be the main objective with the slab shield. Having grouped with a few of these players the amount of aggro they can soak is insane, it really helps out the party. Not everything has to be a solo orientated item.

The heavy attack charge speed NEEDS to be faster imo, it takes so damn long to charge those shield slams that you will lose a good chunk of toughness in the trade, that and it just feels bad when things get up like all you did was hit them with a wet noodle.


Actually I think the issue is not being able to chain push into heavy attack, not being able to heavy attack after having toughness or block broken, and sometimes heavy attack charging just doing a light swing with the mace.

The charge time is fine because you don’t need to cleave a whole horde every time you heavy attack, but those other things feel like unintentional side effects of not tuning any of the stuns and guard breaks in the game.