Ogryn battle maul and slab shield is clunky and damage is way too low

Oh my god I just began a zealot and the light attack of my 145 combat axe at level 5 does more damage than my 25 Ogryn full charged heavy attack with a 340 shield.

Ew, why bother.

I’ve been playing a bunch of it since I got it, as I loved shield weapons in VT2. Those don’t play the same way as the ogryn shield does though. This is slower, more deliberate, and relies a lot more on on positioning, which I personally like.

I’m only at L15 at malice right now and I’ll reserve final judgement until I’ve unlocked all my abilities and play it in higher diffs, but right now i’s generally a very satisfying weapon to use with the caveats that the pushstab feels really weak and using it as a shield seems to be the worst thing you can do with it.

I love tanking hordes of melee enemies with the Slab Shield as my team keeps the ranged ones off me or helps me put down the tougher ones as I stagger them. It’s very much a team weapon. Pairs well with a Zealot that benefits from bleed stacks. Blood for the Emperor and all that.

Heavy attack could do with a speed boost though. 10 or 15% would do it imho