[Suggestion] Update the Ogryns shield/maul animations

So I have been enjoying playing the Ogryn, specifically the shield/maul.

One thing that sticks out like a sore thumb tho, is the fact that your have a shield and a maul in your hands, and you literally only use the shield to hit with. Sure you might swing the light attack a few times but due to the sheer amount of talents that synergize with the heavy attacks it is more likely you swipe a light attack out of error more than anything.

What I would suggest here, is to use the already existing light attacks that use the maul, and incorporate them into the heavy attacks. You already have the animations, just use the light maul attack animation and then slow it down.

So then when you do a heavy attack it could be mixed up to how that both weapons are used.


Any would be good, but I would like to see my character actually using the weapons that are in their hands.

I think that could be introduced via a new variant instead

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The Slab Shield is just infinitely better than the Battle Maul that comes with it. I only use the Battle Maul when I think that smacking an enemy with the Slab Shield is overkill.

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Prior to patch 13 the overhead following the shield push was a near garanteed headshot kill … well now enemies are tougher, the shields heavies are in a good state, bit the maul is just for the looks …
And push-hiting is just useless…

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Seems people agree, it is a shame that you have this maul in your hand and you are incentivized in every way not to use it since it doesn’t synergize with the Ogryns talents.

The animations are all there, just take the same animation of the light attack maul swing and slap it as a secondary animation on a heavy attack. Slow it down animation wise, mix it in with shield swings, and this weapon set will feel more natural and enjoyable to use.

I tried going for the flavor a few time and mixing in light attacks, but I could clearly see it as being a detriment to my team survival, as I was not getting toughness back and not really putting things I needed to put into stagger state or on their ass.

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