Sheild and Maul: its trash, lets make it excellent!

This weapon should be awesome. Unfortunately it is garbage, does no damage, and just bonks things around. It doesn’t even work well as a shield! Ogryn in lore use these things to rush covered positions under hales of gunfire. These shields are literalky tank armor. The ogryn is an enormous 2 ton man swinging refridgerators on sticks and tank plates and it hits like a nerf bat in the hands of a 3 year old. Lets change that.

I have been think of this a long time and Lion-El-Gubson has proposed a similar list to how I would rework the Shield.


  • Special attack no longer plants shield, instead it charges the Power Maul.
  • Light attacks now swing the power maul only.
  • Light attacks now deal 320 damage. (80%)
  • Heavy attacks is a wide sweep with the Shield Hand that works like a push/stagger, dealing 160 damage. (80%)

wow that’s a lot of damage!
bro, he’s an OGRYN.

  • While blocking the user moves at normal movement speed for a block with any other weapon
  • While blocking only melee attacks drain stamina
  • The user can bullrush while blocking

Pretty late here but was jsut about to make a post about it… so i’ll bump here my thoughts.

With latest talent rework, obviously tons have changed, but what annoys me most is having a power maul that cannot be used with… well power lol

My simple vote is “Make the shield plant automatically while blocking and standing still for say 1-2s” … let ‘Special’ charge the maul as intended!

That should be enough to make it convenient/still useful as a barrier as intended, but add some extra elite prowess and damage potential much need for a ‘power’ weapon [otherwise don’t give me a maul, give me a bully club >.>]