Ogryn shield needs a buff

Im thinking the shield should let the dogs pounce back when ur holding block or special key i tried it today and it didnt work why not let the dog pounce back when he jump on the shield ? or the mutant gets staggered when he rushes on the shield ? the shield is barely used because its bad it needs a buff

leave your opinions below please i want to see what people think about the ogryn shield and does it need a buff ?

alright thanks bye


I’ll keep saying it because I am right.

MORE DAMAGE. Light swings should hit way harder. In the 150+range. Heavy swings can be left as is. Replace special plant with power maul special. Remove block stamina cost from ranged attacks.


The shield does need a buff or a rework, it does no damage and the defensive use is irrelevant at best disruptive at worst.


Shield doesn’t need a defensive buff, it need an offensive buff and possibly a rework to change the Special action


This. The current invincibility plonk has really nothing going for it.

I love running with shield, but I have stopped and switched to the power maul to do a bit more damage. At least the new heavy stubber lets me deal effectively with ranged at range and with most armoured things. The shield should see some love though.


When I tried shield, I hated it because knocking stuff around is not a replacement for killing them. Damage is too low. I found the plant useless because again, time spent of me just sitting there blocking very, very rarely benefits the team in any way. So I dropped it.

Whenever I play with an Ogryn that uses shield, I get a little irritated because they’re not able to kill anything and i have to clean up after they knock things to the ground, and/or I’ll see them just sit there tanking while the rest of us have to try and clear enemies but now there’s 3 instead of 4 because they’re sitting there doing nothing.

I find the weapon frustrating both in terms of using it, and as an ally of someone using it. I feel it needs more damage, and the active ability needs to be something that’s actually helpful to the group. Not just the player (which, IMO, is arguable)

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Ogryn really doesnt do enough damage period, the only weapon that feels particularly good on him is the bully butcher cleaver. Power maul has a cool feel at first but you realize just how many hits it takes to kill basic troops compared to normal zealot weapons and you’re like
“I am enormous gorilla man that can smash trucks, but this groaner is impossible for me”


I’m an Ogryn main, and I kinda feel like the class is a bit frustrating because if buddy was actually lore accurate then like, they would be too good so some areas have to fail logic to be a weakness.

Ogryns are known for having insane endurance and toughness, to the point where most sht just don’t hurt them. So why do gunners still melt me? As you said, huge gorilla man, but isn’t just smashing everything into paste.

If you give them everything though, then what’s the weakness? In the lore, they’re dumb. Dumb as hell. I think what could be kind of cool is operating machinery or buttons, or the hacking missions, or the auspex, takes a significantly longer amount of time to do them. Like, an intolerable amount of time. Yeah, you can play this absolute combat god. But holy hell are you useless at objectives.
This IMO would also make a 4 ogryn team hilarious but also probably a nightmare lmao

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You people that keep saying to make the special a power maul seem to forget that we already have a weapon that does that. The power maul. I always play tanks in games and I love the special of planting the shield down and being an infinite block. That’s what makes it unique as well as being the only weapon that can block bullets. Maybe once we get a defensive subclass for the Ogryn that has a taunt, it will become more useful.

I understand the shield is more focused on defense and crowd control and don’t want it to be as strong as the other melee options for Ogryn as staggering is a strong suit of the weapon, but I have three changes I want to see that I think will put the shield in a good place.

  1. Increase light attack damage by 20 overall. Only have 91 damage at 80% is too low and even if we had a 100% damage stat, the weapon still wouldn’t even pass 100 damage which is just asinine and unacceptable.

  2. Fix the damage on the 2nd heavy attack. Currently it does LESS damage than a light attack (89 damage on the stat page). It doesn’t have to be as strong as the 1st heavy since it’s a wider sweep, but it should be closer. Put it somewhere in the 140-150 damage range (based on a 80% damage stat).

  3. For the love of the Emprah, please don’t make the collision of the shield disappear when we push with it. The shield is still in front of us as we push so why do all the bullets just pass through it? The shield has a Defense stat and the point of that is to make it so we can block more and pushes take less stamina. If we want to block and push as the same time we should be able to since a high Defense stat would encourage it.


There’s nothing wrong with two variations of the same weapon. It was always supposed to be a power maul anyway.

Its decidedly bad, and harmful to your team, to be planted. Not only is it bad and harmful but its largely pointless. Its so poorly executed as to be undesirable in the extreme. Hence the whole conversation. Though I respect your opinion that you think it is fun, so I am open to a conversation on how to make the plant good. Personally I think it is counter to the design intent of the rest of the game which involves methodical forward movement.

Stagger isn’t a substitute for damage and as long as weapons are “stagger” instead of “kills” they will remain dumpster tier.

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You guys are trying to turn it into the ultimate weapon that has no downsides whatsoever. At the end of the day there is always going to be a weapon that has to be the weakest and it’s going to be the shield. You guys can’t have your cake and eat it too.

The plant is VERY situational and doesn’t help most of the time, but just because it’s different and not useful most of the time doesn’t mean it needs to be changed. One of the downsides of the shield is it’s lack of armor damage. By making it another power maul you guys want it to be the best defense weapon that allows you to block bullets with infinite defense while being able to move around, have it delete armor while stun locking them, and have it completely replace the power maul since you guys want it to equal it’s power and do the same thing which would just make the power maul obsolete. At this point you guys may as well start begging Fatshark to give it the Slaughter blessing as well cause why not?

Not at all. I think it should be a kind of slow weapon and generally weak at horde clear and have good stagger/stun effects. l. Having it hit as hard as an unpowered thunder hammer is NOT impressive. Trust me. Killing one pox walker per swing and lightly damaging the rest and mostly dealing stagger is just not very impressive at all. I have to bring a ranged weapon for horde clear to play my favorite bonk stick or I get stuck in hordes. Additionally the power maul on the shield would only swing on lights due to its attack pattern so when charged up it would hit a lot more weakly than the single handed power maul can by a fair margin. I subsequently argue for the basic power maul to also do more damage on normal swings because it doesn’t do nearly enough.

An alternative view is to have it not deal aoe stagger, only staggering the hit target. This is well within the lore for power mauls (which commonly but not always have power settings). Its quite sensible that the power maul with the shield simple deals high single target stagger and damage against armored targets. This would be fine too.

I generally think all Ogryn weapons need to be buffed in damage though and I’ve claimed as such several times. He doesn’t fit the lore at all with how weak he is in melee nor tabletop crunch. I love his guns though. They’re basically perfect.

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@Abomination713 @Reginald imo a special action I would like to see added, but may be a bit too powerful is that instead of just planting the shield you could move forward with it, and take stamina damage from melee attacks and none from shooting. You could still protect downed players from ranged hordes, you can keep the tank role/feel, and also you can either advance on shooting hordes safely (maybe even be a moving shield for a Zealot) and tie them up in melee to keep the rest of the team safe. On top of that it ofc in general just needs a damage buff across the board.

While definitely not as good, I do think people underestimate what a good rolled Krourk can do (I really enjoy mine with momentum and slaughterer as a toughness tank build).

RIP Crusher, human sized Power Mauls are some of my favorite 40k weapons and they made it trash. :cry:

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Having it block at all is certifiably useless in any actual difficult scenario, it can’t tank any special except sniper. And the cost is a player doing anything at all in game instead. Even a terrible DT bot can contribute more than the plank ogryn, with comparable damage when he does decide to play. Its useless. Its bad. Its yet another terrible function on a weapon with only low damage attacks.

And the bull butcher outclasses the other Ogryn melees at horde because it hits 5 targets and heavily damages 3. And then has Slaughterer. Even if the other knives clubs and shovel did double or triple their current cleave damages bull butcher would still be far more efficient for the damage in each swing compounded with the attack speed. Its also one of 2 Ogryn weapons his brain doesn’t stumble and leave you with a half second lock out before you can loop another set of lights burying the competition farther.

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As the class with the biggest model that only a psycher and flamethrower can shoot through, being weak is not appropriate, even with higher defense

Ogryns need better damage all around, the shield too.

Our highest damage is our single target grenades and vets and zealots get grenade box pick up priority

Ogryn in general feels very poorly thought out and implemented

What is the point of being at the front line where allies can’t shoot enemies if it can’t even effectively horde clear?

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I really think this should be base block behavior on the shield. Yes it would be strong. But I think it suits the ogryn lore and the ogryn in the game way better. You would still have to watch out for not getting shot on the sides and back. Melee enemies could do stamina damage to you. Etc. Vt2 had something like this, blocking a ratling gunner with a shield was extremely doable. No reason the 900 lb gorillaman can’t hold his tank armor up and expect not to get tuckered out by a lasgun.

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The only change i would like to see is switching the heavy attacks and then allowing the h1-l1 attack chain.

The 1st heavy is the slow, downward/forward chop, while the 2nd heavy is a quick smack to the side. Reversing and allowing the chain will create an interesting horde clear combo.

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