Ogryn Heavy Attack, Feat and Synergy

Well Synergy to get Toughness back is there. However on Slab&Maul you expose yourself so much, its hard to recommend it. Also getting Toughness while relying on Heavy does not feel natural. You should always get Toughness back either light or Heavy on Ogryn. Hes so huge and gets focused all the time, we should have the Feats being extra Toughness on Hits reagardeless of Heavy or Light. Then you can just Focus on the Enemies.

I have 5% Toughness gain on Chained Hit which is very Good since its working with Light Attacks. Doesnt give as much Toughness but inbetween its good to mix Heavy and light with the Slab. On the Heavy with Slab it gives me a huge Ton of Toughness, due to Feat. The super super super slow windup Animation i expose myself so much that i loose my Toughness right away i just gained and even more.
Again even with mixing it up. I understand that the feel of weight is important and it really does feel Heavy in the Hands of even an Ogryn and it feels great, but the Animation is way too slow/ long to make it viable. Wind Up should be drastically shortened/ fastened to make it good. Youre reliant of Teammates like no other class.

Also the Shield should cover you when winding up like on Templar in V2. So you can position and play around a bit to cover your big chunk


I forgot to mention that i tried out the Feats with 100% toughness Regen. However the Delay is super duper long and it does not make up for it when compared with Heavy attack Toughness back!

The 100% Toughness regen being fantastic for teamplay I feel is fine as it is, especially with the 50% Coherency bonus Talent. With a competent team of my friends it really makes a huge difference.

However the words “competent team” are what matters here, and the fact that heavy melee attacks do crap damage and are glacial in their speed is my main problem. While playing in quickplay groups I would absolutely just throw on the melee recovery talents but the heavy melee is too slow with no payoff other than knocking things down. A Veteran can just single sweep a horde with a power sword but massive Ogryn can’t kill punies with a fully charged heavy that takes what feels like forever? It makes no sense.

EDIT: It’s also a huge slap in the face that the melee sucks so bad on Ogryn with a 10% damage increase to heavy on their Aura. The Aura should either increase ALL melee by 10% or decrease ranged attack damage. If there was a 5-10% ranged damage decrease aura then you could justify the 50% coherency radius without the 100% regen talent. Who gives a damn about heavy attacks when power weapons have special abilities that negate the need for them.

I was trying to day with 100% Regen. WEll its oky in Diff 3, but thats about it. You dont want a SLab all the time and maybe you dont even have the right traits on the weapon.

On Legendary i would do one trait for Toughness the other some Dmg. Well see on full release, as of now, its a bit not so good, but can change with the right etup. IMO i think theoretically automatic regen is the best. Its not forcing you to do something spcific all the time to regen.

Best would be regen on hit and regen on Heavy single, like i had on some weapon. So you can Hit single enteties like bosses for regen.