Bull Gore is a beginner's trap. Whopping 5 total damage!

You need to check the numbers.

Blood & Thunder (Tier 2) applies one stack of bleed that you can spam stack to a respectable 25 damage per tic, which is not great but at least adds up on enemy Maulers, Ogryns and Monstrosities, somewhere in the order of a few hundred bonus damage over ten seconds.

The same cannot be said of Bull Gore (Tier 6), which-- while claiming to apply two stacks of bleed-- ticks for 1 on any enemy. It’s absolute dog doo and a complete hoodwink for anyone that believed Bull Gore would be at least decent damage against hordes. There is no world in which five (5) damage on a target is useful, even with the Bloodthirst defensive trait. It doesn’t last long enough, and it doesn’t hurt near enough to be useful.

Bleed damage needs to be looked at in general, but particularly here.


I always thought it was designed for you to have damage reduction on your charge and when you reach your destination so you have time to apply bleed to targets at your destination before the damage reduction turns off.

I don’t like that the entire appeal of bleed for Ogryn is that it gives you up to 50% damage reduction with the level 20 skill. In order to actually make any use of this at all, you have to take at least the bleed skill at level 10 and maybe the level 30 one. Bleed shouldn’t be worthless without the damage reduction skill.

Bleed is not worthless without the damage reduction perk.

Ogryn lacks any armor piercing weapons and bleed goes right through armor.

I can occasionally kill crushers and maulers faster than my zealot friend depending on how quickly I build bleed stacks.

Until they give ogryn a weapon with a stabbing heavy or a axe chop, bleed is currently ogryn’s best anti armor option.