Personal Ogryn changes wishlist

Hello. I’ve been playing my ogryn way too much and have a couple of conclusions I’ve made from my own personal style of play that may or may not apply to anyone else. That being said, here’s what I think the problems and strengths of the class are:

Problems: Toughness regeneration has dependencies, incoming ranged damage and stuns can be a bit much, heavy attack focus in traits/talents turns out to be degenerative, outgoing damage is hampered by a few factors (huge cleave targets, but only 1 target takes full damage, another target takes half damage, and the rest of them take essentially 0)

Strengths: ogryns make people happy :slight_smile: (until their bullets get blocked), good weaponset balance (can choose ranged horde clear or single target, and also melee horde clear/single target)

What I’d change:

Tier 1
Lynchpin: incorporates Die Hard’s double toughness function at 25% hp.
Smash em good: changed to function with light attacks but 5% toughness on light/20% on heavy
Best form of offense: changed to function with light attacks but 5% toughness on light/20% on heavy etc

Tier 2
Heavyweight: add 25% blanket ranged damage mitigation (snipers, gunners, shotgunners)
Bombs away: add 2 extra grenades. edit: maybe make the explosions on rumbler/gren gauntlet bigger as well with more targets.
Blood and thunder: 1 stack of bleed on light melee, 3 stacks on heavy, 1 stack on ranged attacks

Tier 3
Towering Presence: ALWAYS in coherency, no questions asked.
Lead the charge: add a base kit 5% movespeed/sprint efficiency/stamina regeneration bonus or a momentum based damage first target bonus maybe.
Bullfighter: currently really good already but maybe add the 50% coherency aura that towering presence used to have until my aforementioned suggestion

Tier 4
Bloodthirst: unchanged except i’d increase the range at which bleed stacks affect your damage mitigation due to ranged weapons now having bleed from blood and thunder.
Hard as nails: already pretty good for clutch plays, i would add a thorns aura so anything that hits you takes damage to differentiate it from bloodthirst and give it some additional benefit
Die Hard: 50 extra toughness.

Tier 5
Payback: add a damage debuff/increased damage taken effect to anyone that hits you to synergize with hard as nails.
Knife through butter: change it so everything that gets hit with a light attack takes 25% damage or 50% with a heavy. we already have unlimited cleave quite frankly. Ranged weapons now have armor piercing or rending.
Raging Bull: besides the bugs with this ability, i think it needs something extra like adding damage to bull rush as a stored buff (hit x minions, next bull rush does 500 damage to things ok maybe not 500 damage but something) for crowd clear.

Tier 6
Bull Gore: Generates 25 toughness on use. The bleed is changed to infinite duration because it only lasts .2 seconds now.
Unstoppable: Generates 25 toughness on use.
Non-stop violence: generates 25 toughness on use.

Coherency trait: changed to 10% melee damage increase for everyone instead of just heavy attacks.

As this is a wishlist, some things might be a bit unbalanced but for the most part these changes would add a bunch of synergy to talents that Ogryns currently do not have, give them a way to generate toughness without needing an enemy to hit or being near allies (zealots can press F, psykers have talents that regenerate toughness through quell etc, veterans also can press F with a talent or not be near enemies or whatever, i guess the point is to add some level of choice) or rely on momentum/confident strike (unlucky with rng shop? use a talent or stack them up!), and also keep ranged damage to a manageable degree. Some of the talents would also open up heavy stubber/ripper as a functional all rounder ranged weapon giving some choice to the matter. And it would open up a bunch of the other weapons to do consistent dps to a bunch of mobs instead of being shoehorned into the knife for cleave.

Also various personal wishlist stuff: grenade gauntlets being able to roll a couple of different melee blessings (come on, they’re so fun to use in melee. the heavy bug from beta was the best thing lol). Emote where we can eat the grenade box.

anyway thanks for reading 8)


Well written, as an Ogryn player, I would also just wish for some more melee damage, kinda feels like the Ogryn is hitting like a wet noodle, especially if we compare to the lore.

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Binary states like “always in coherency” and “infinite bleed duration” are right out. That’s just removing gameplay pillars or completely in conflict with their design philosophy.

Tier 1
Lynchpin really should apply to allies’ toughness regen as well as your own. I’d definitely merge the toughness on heavy talents; I can see that they are intended to favor different weapon types, but I think they’d work better as a single “throw heavies to recover toughness” option, with that ranged resist as the third option.

Tier 2 is meant to be offensive-focused.
I wouldn’t add blanket resistance to Heavyweight, but I would extend the damage resistance to Beasts and Mutants- basically, you’re there to scrap with anything in your weight class or bigger.
Bombs Away synergizing with 2 of the more popular weapons is an interesting choice, and I’d be curious to see where the community went with it.
Blood and Thunder- Ogryn don’t really need more ways to inflict bleed, but reducing the cleave/stagger mass of bleeding targets would definitely lean into the anti-crowd intent of this talent without centering all of the class’ melee damage in Bleed effects.

Tier 3
As I said, binary effects are really counter to design philosophy. If they ever revise Coherency to work as a chain rather than a circle, this talent may warrant a buff, but for now, it’s a respectable QOL improvement for the whole team.
A small passive rider for Lead The Charge wouldn’t be out of place; it’s so niche for your whole team to want to move right when you charge that it makes the feat feel a little more reliable.
Bullfighter doesn’t really need any help; setting aside that it’s mandatory for one of the penances, CDR talents in general are pretty strong.

Tier 4
Bloodthirst: increasing the range at which this applies, or simply having the stacks fall off gradually so you don’t suddenly become squishy the moment the thing you pasted dies, would make this talent practical in more situations… it’s still not enough, from a design perspective, to make up for a talent that requires another talent in order to work, but it’d be nice nonetheless.
Hard as Nails: reactive damage is odd from a design perspective because it becomes a perverse incentive, or at least rewards sloppier play… but I agree that this talent needs something that still works when your teammates are up and active. Suppression resistance, maybe. Fits the name, to be sure.
Die Hard increasing your max toughness makes a lot of sense and plays into its niche.

Tier 5
Payback’s basic function is fine, but it should also apply when allies in coherency take damage. Ogryn protect the little’uns.
Knife through butter: just a ramping bonus to cleave damage, targets, and stagger based on charge time, in lieu of having to hold the attack until it goes off on its own, would have the intended playstyle impact without being awful to use.
Raging Bull: sounds good on paper, but the bugs make it pretty lackluster. I don’t think tying it to Bull Rush is the move, though; that’s not what this tier is about. A little attack speed rolled into the buff, along with the buff stacking/applying on every swing, would do the trick, I think.

Tier 6
Bull Gore: binary states don’t work, but it’s true that the two stacks it applies don’t last for very long- ~3 seconds, total, during half of which they do 1(one) damage per tick. Adding a damage bonus to the first attack after charging will lock this in as the aggressive talent for this tier while keeping with the theme of it.
Unstoppable: Already does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Maybe immunity to stumble/stagger/slowdown during the buff window, to be in keeping with the talent’s theme.
Non-stop violence: Does tend to feel kind of lackluster at higher difficulties. A little up-front restoration may not be out of place.


since they seem hellbent on not doing anything about his melee damage and just having him be stagger, make it so if he’s sprinting he can run through basic enemys, but looses 3% stam per enemy

All fair points. I do like that payback idea you have. I mostly just want a bunch of love given to talents, and have some potential synergy built in like other classes have so I went with that as a focus. As of right now (and I could be wrong), Ogryns were built around heavy attacks but they’re actually not good to use due to odd damage cleave caps and various bugs so I wanted to put forth some ideas on how to change them without removing the heavy attack flavor yet not depending on it as well 8)

Ideally we’d get the bug back from beta where grenade gauntlet attacks were all considered heavy on every attack haha. Seems very ogryny to have “heavy attacks” and “very heavy attacks”