Grenadier Gauntlets need a damage/blast damage buff

On Malice (Difficulty 3), it takes a minimum of two shots to kill a single Rager. Same with Scab Gunners and Scab Shotguners and certain other specials. On Heresy and Damnation, it will take even more. With only 4 shots maximum before a reload and an average of 30 rounds on the side, it needs a damage increase if the weapon is to remain viable in the long run. This isn’t even taking into account the VERY weak blast damage the weapon gives off which is just a joke. It does like 12 damage to units around the target you hit and makes you wonder why it’s even there.

Meanwhile, the Bolter kills all these things in 1-3 bullets alone which is ridiculous and will most likely get nerfed, but the fact that a Bolter kills everything so much faster, has more ammo in the magazine, and more ammo on the side just proves me point that the Gauntlets are lacking in their current form. They are great for crowd control, but all that really does is knock everyone down with the joke of 12 damage to them. It needs a buff.

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Remember, Fatshark wants each class to have very specific strengths and weaknesses, the Ogryn is not meant to have high damage like the Veteran, and while the GGauntlet only does chip damage to those around it ( a direct hit it with a high damage roll can one shot most specials in the game) it can knock over any mob in the game bar monsters and the OP mutant. You not playing Ogryn for DPS your playing it for CC and Support like you would as a tank in an MMO.

I’ve put together a post for all Ogryn related posts until Fatshark gives us individual class topic pages and I’ve added this post to that.

I understand every class is suppose to have strength and weaknesses. They are still suppose to be able to stand on their own if things go south. Heck, the Ogryn is suppose to excel in melee, but why does the Ogryn have zero armor piercing melee weapons? That makes no sense from a gameplay perspective. The Veteran is suppose to excel in guns and not melee, yet they get access to really good melee weapons and have armor piercing as an option. What kind of strength/weakness balance is that?

If the GG’s are only suppose to be used for knockdowns, they should do a lot more chip damage instead. Even the most basic units laugh at the damage you do when you knock them down. Why even have Blast Damage as a bar if it’s only going to raise the damage by the lower single digits? Knocking enemies down is not going to be enough in the long run. You have to reload at some point and only being able to guarantee a SINGLE kill per shot isn’t right.

Also want to point out that while knocking everything down is great with the GG’s, some special units only stumble and not get knocked down unless you shoot directly at their feet. According to the training room anyway.

the funniest part about Ogryn not being able to deal with armored enemies, is that historically, the way to deal with armour was to inflict blunt-force trauma via the warhammer or mace.

Blunt force trauma. Which uh…the Ogryn should definitely be able to impart.

(Yes I know game design trumps realism but this one still gives me a bit of a giggle)

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Well, we still don’t have the Electric Mace in the game that was shown off in the Ogryn spotlight trailer. Maybe that will be the one and only armor piercing option Ogryn get.

From my perspective the GG is more a second CC-meelee-option if they keep its meelees being “heavies”: stacks bleeding, replenishes your toughness, does low damage besides the DoT (bleeding) + having a single target ranged option (incl CC).

Lore-wise: the Ogryn (especially the Bullgryn) should do more meelee damage even to armored …
Imagine a 3m tall roughly 500kg pure muscle-mass swinging some solid metal stuff at your chest/head … that should make breathing very hard … in the board-game (especially old version of Kill Team) they were your Astra Militarum go-to for thick meelee enemies …

So consider it not a ranged but a meelee weapon and then world looks a little better … though it’s manstopping abilities to muties and stuff could be better … it still knocks you with a grenade :slight_smile:

Imo it doesn’t need direct damage buff as sniping single stuff is Veteran/Psyker job but definitely should have AOE damage buff so it can kill a lot of trash with one grenade. It’s Grenade launcher after all, AOE should be it’s thing.

Grenadier gauntlet isn’t primarily for damage, it’s for CC. It’s ridiculously strong already. It doesn’t need a damage buff.