Buffing Ogryn Guns

Grenadier Gauntlet - Increase damage by 1.5, increase stagger (punch and braced) and increase blast radius + stagger.

Ripper Guns (various) - Give it incrementally increasing bleed stacks (up to 3) for each projectile/pellet based on range (so as range increases bleed stacks go up, representing the increase in shrapnel)*.
[Potential 4th Ripper Gun variant - Piercer. Solid shot projectile, high pen and damage.]

*I do think this kind of shrapnel simulating mechanic should be added to the combat shotgun and all shotguns going forward.

TL Stubber - Seems in a good spot after the update. Maybe slight ammo capacity buff? Suppression buff?

Kickback - Base damage increase by at least 2x. Increase projectile/pellet number. Give it incrementally increasing bleed stacks (up to 5) for each projectile/pellet based on range (so as range increases bleed stacks go up, representing the increase in shrapnel). Increase spread size/damage cone by 2. These guns should be shredding dozens of chaff/infantry per shot and deleting targets that it point blanks. Needs some kind of extreme close range pen. Melee distance. You should not be firing this into a Crusher with them flying back to receive no damage. It doesn’t even need to be a lot just enough that you’re representing some of the force generated by this grenade launcher sized shotgun. This is the gun that people start using as Ogryn. It should be a monster and really sell the class.

Rumbler - Honestly in a good place, probably my favourite Ogryn gun to use.
Maybe add a variant that replaces the blast with an AOE fire explosion similar to the bomber as the Ogryn currently has no fire based weapons.

Would hope these changes would make Ogryn ranged weapon choices no longer feel as obvious and the Kickback might actually see some use.

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I agree with everything except ripper guns, giving them bleed would be too strong, I would prefer if they made their spread tighter, and tapping the trigger fire a 2 shot burst instead of wasting a ton of ammo.

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I almost feel like they want the ogryn to be a more front liner, but they don’t give him enough tools to fill that role.
If that’s the case they can maybe just add extra resistance to light guns and/or stamina, and call it a day.
Right now the gigantic target size and often sub-par range options make you a giant pincushion in many situations; shield shouldn’t be quasi-mandatory on Heresy (5).
Otherwise some buffs and/or ammo boosts will do the trick.

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The Ripper guns seem way too similar right now, but I also didn’t have the time to compare all of them thoroughly. There seems to be a severe lack of imagination when it comes to the guns. Most variants just have slightly different stat arrangements… In the words of Kragg, my Ogryn: “BOOORIIING!”

They could’ve done something like this maybe:
Ripper 1: M1 double Burst fire, M2 Full auto
Ripper 2: M1 triple Burst fire, M2 Double Burst with tight spread and reduced recoil
Ripper 3: M1 full auto, M2 full auto. Stacks bleed

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I have a MK2 ripper with a ridiculously low stability (39%) otherwise pretty much maxed out.

It is insanely good and fun to use with the low stability.

I want to get some buff in melee weapons rather than ranged weapon huge buff. I think minor buff will be fine.

Grenadier Gauntlet
Buff special attack, so explosion damage actually match to ranged shot, it uses ammo, and risk some hit point to do this job, and since melee damage is just laughable, I think at least you can use it as niche armor piercing weapon.

Ripper gun
More ammo. Faster ADS. More Manic and armor damage.

Heavy stubber
More dense shot with more recoil, it will help you dealing some shooters when you shoot semi auto way. Remove Deathspitter or DumDum blessing, and give Cavalcade, so you can shoot longer with Charmed Reload blessing.

Same reloading speed, and mobility of Rumbler. So take off reload speed stat, and add piercing. So it can damage Crusher a little bit, 65% piercing stat gives similar flak armor damage like now, and it goes up after this. And some actual useful blessing.

Less bouncy when you hit target, but same when you hit walls would be better. Sometimes grenade goes further to deal full damage to the target. But this is good enough now.

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Rumbler really could use a fuse time that starts when it hits something. Its so artifically range limited by that right now, and unreliable in close range at the same time. Inner splash radius could be a little bigger for promoting blowing stuff up.

Kickback needs a range like 5X the current damage drop off and maybe 15% more damage. It actually is pretty impressive damage wise, in like 5m. I also agree that the Kickback should uniquely damage carapace armor among the shotguns. Reload time should match the Rumbler too.

Grenade gauntlet needs its inner radius slightly increased, so it could kill a couple scabs that are hiding behind the same barrel instead of killing one and flinging the other. Some enemies have an issue of being flung too far to hit with the special attack though, like the stagger of the set up part of the move makes you miss the grenade shot that forms almost all of the damage.

Heavy stubber has an awful trigger delay that feels completely horrible to use. It is also woefully inaccurate, and completely unsatisfying for having such a terrible RoF overall for 2 machine guns. Seriously 550 RPM or whatever it works out to be just feels like crap. I really hope they take this one out back to the drawing board and give us proper dakka. More ammo, more bullet spitting. Also it has a lazy unfinished-feeling animation for the special, please make something logical with some weight or impact.

Rippers have the 3 variant issue the other guns have. 1 has almost 50% more damage per shot than the others. It has a lower rate of fire but that just makes it easier to swap before it wastes 2-3 rounds every trigger tap. The V should have a unique drop off distance to try to have a longer range niche to go with its best accuracy in the group. The V and VI should get 2 extra magazines and +5 rounds per magazine imo though. Make them slightly weaker more stable Mk IIs you can spam more.