My (mostly ogryn) class and weapon takes

I have most experience with ogryn, it needs a lot of work. The most recent update buffed some random club nobody uses, bc the shield is REQUIRED if you want to survive from difficult 3+. Every single ranged enemy including commons can just pummel you into the ground, you cannot hide, and you have no good options of dealing with them if you don’t have the ggauntlet. The ggauntlet is the only good ogryn gun in the game purely bc it can do precision and therefore stop ranged from ripping you apart. I’ve played other classes, I get shot significantly less since there’s cover that’s actually me-height.

The only other gun even worth talking about is the twin stubber, and it’s bad. It can’t deal with ranged, it’s only good for dealing with the largest of hordes, but then you’re entirely defenseless. The only times I’ve effectively used the thing is when I’m actively endangering myself to shoot a cool gun while it’s more safe and reliable to just juggle the horde with the shield and maul and have a competent class do the damage. It has no actual damage or AP, so it’s useless against elites even in close range and that’s AFTER you remember they’ll just melt you if you take the thing out.

My ideas?

-Shield is default. I have no other way of fixing this, you either nerf ranged enemies to the point they’re nothing to the ogryn, or keep the shield being default. So, just have the shield be default on every melee weapon, and the melee weapon choice just selects which melee you want.

-Why does the zealot have so many skills and abilities that the ogryn should just have? Why does the zealot regain toughness on charge while the ogryn doesn’t? The ability to push enemies out of the way is an active detriment, it screws with your teams’ aim and puts the ogryn right into the middle of all the enemies, the charge is only useful for quickly staggering large elites or groups of elites. At least make it a get out of jail free card, if the zealot has one why not the ogryn.

-Why is the veteran the only class that gets 200 toughness? Why is the veteran literally twice as tough as the ogryn? It seems like a stopgap because everybody was (rightfully) crying about getting blindsided by a surprise horde from one of the 6 trillion vets surrounding you. Make it so vents right next to you don’t spawn enemies, and swap ogryn and vet toughness.

That’s it. I honestly don’t even care if the guns are fixed, I don’t care if ogryn melee is still weaker compared to every other class except for how much stagger it does, I don’t care if the grenade box continues to be a complete joke of a weapon. All I care about is ogryn survivability. That’s what the class is supposed to do, survive. It’s awful at surviving. It does no damage, it has the worst guns, it’s ability is borderline useless, the grenade box is a joke, you’re a walking barn that’s less tough than the veteran and preacher.

I have less experience with the other classes, no experience with psyker but from what I can gather it’s more annoying to play than it is bad. So the only other thing I can mention is the bolter. It’s ridiculous. I understand wanting to appeal to the neuron activation centers of our brains, but at least balance it SOMEHOW. How can I fit a similar amount of boltgun mags in my pocket as I can lasgun batteries? How can I even handle the boltgun in anyway similar to an autogun? You should NOT be able to carry more than 3 total mags of that thing. It completely removes any skill involved in ranged classes outside of timing reloading.

Speaking of ranged classes and boltguns, why on Terra does the preacher get a boltgun too? Why would you give the most OP ranged weapon in the game to a class that’s supposed to be the most damage dealing in melee? Is there even a point to run veteran on higher levels? Why has the boltgun been dropped to being available for even lower level characters? What is going on? The grind isn’t that bad. Idk why the weapon unlocks have been dropped across all classes. I unlocked everything to the ogryn in 16 hours before this change, baby numbers to the grinding you’d do in VT2. Stop listening to the cry babies who aren’t getting all the juciest content within 6 hours.

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While I agree on the fact ogryn weapons could need some love.
The point about veterans being twice as tough as an ogryn is just flat out wrong.

Ogryns have like 4 times the health of a veteran, and maybe some innate corruption resist. How do I know this? Because 2 grims bring a vets health down to half, while it barely corrupts half a single bar of my health, almost unnoticeable.

Also the grenade gauntlet is the ogryns best ranged weapon, it can 1 tap specials and 1 tap reapers on a crit. The penetration blast stat is the key stat to look for.
And this is with the normal firing, not the special attack, which is actually weaker for some reason.

And the Shield is hardly required tbh. I run T4 with the knives, just cleaving hordes to maintain my near invulnerability (minus the tick dmg). The trick is to just stack gunner resist. I have 47% from curios + 20% extra when the dmg me, and finally a whole whopping 50% extra when 5 bleeding enemies are near me.

Obviously the bleeding ones cant always be counted on, but the 67% dmg resist to gunners is plenty enough for me to just generally shrug them off.

I’ve made a post that I’m gathering up all posts related to the Ogryn until Fatshark gives us individual class topic pages please give it a view and like so Fatshark can see our feedback all in one place.

I’ve linked this post to there.