Max level Ogryn feedback

Been playing mainly Ogryn since pre-order beta started and this is how the class personally feels for me.

Melee weapons.

Aside from the obvious best choice which is the slabshield the only other good melee weapon for Ogryn is the cleaver with a bleed/cleave build using the feats for it.
The other melee weapons just feel severaly lacking compared to these two and Ogryn is in desperate need for a 2h melee weapon like a maul or axe.
The slabshield heavy however is severely underpowered compared to just wildy swinging the light attack which also has its own issues of ragdolling enemies which sometimes end up behind you.

Ranged Weapons.

Kickback is a decent shotgun up close but reloads very slow.
Rumbler is a good grenade launcher with a high impact damage but the delayed explosion can mean you miss most of what you want to hit and it also reloads faster then the kickback even though it is the exact same gun.
Rippergun is supposed to be a amazing shotgun in 40k lore but in game it’s probably the weakest link in the entire Ogryn arsenal, you get to shoot for a few seconds which seems to do barely anything even to hordes and spend more time reloading.
Grenadier gauntlet is only good if you direct impact a enemy, the splash damage is severely lacking and the reload is clunky.
the special attack for the gaunlet is also very bad since it does a ton less damage then a regular shot.
Heavy stubber is the best choice at the moment for hordeclear on the Ogryn but severely lacks at range and due to almost all Ogryn weapons being shortrange or situational you constantly will get pelted by ranged enemies with pinpoint accuracy with no real counterplay.

Ogryn is in real need of a good ranged weapon and since zealot and veteran both get access to bolters why didnt the ogryn get a heavy bolter with very limited ammo since right now the ranged slot for ogryn just feels like a afterthought with the lackluster selection and how sad the performance of the selection is.

As for feats, there are some completely useless feats for the Ogryn like the Bombs away feat which is just far too situational to ever be picked since both other feats in that line are far better.

Ogryn also suffers greatly in the darkness mode since he has no flashlight attachments at all and due to him being a big target it tends to lead to ragequiting ogryns because constantly getting shot by something they cant see combined with lackluster ranged potential.

As for Ogryn cosmetics, this is also several lacking.
In the title screen you see a ogryn wearing their style of imperial flak but in game you get dirty shirt number 149986 with a strap with random crap attached to it and that goes for nearly all shirts except for 1 very specific one which gives you shoulder plates.

The helmet is also just bad and looks bad and was not worth the grind at all.

Some of the penances for Ogryn are also just strange, like the 70 metres of bull rush or have you teammates stay in coherency which makes it so you can’t play with zealots or use your ability.

I leveled my ogryn last week and came back to it today, leveleling up veteran to level 30 and now zealot.

Playing an Ogryn after that is just boring.
I tried a high level knife to change from the boring shield and it’s the same thing.

Not enough damage for how slow he is.
Not enough range on its melee weapons.
Not enough damage resistance for how much of a target he is.

It’s just not fun and you don’t see many level 30 ogryn at the end of the week when people have played their contracts.

The class is disappointing and does not fulfill what you hope for when you think, eh let me play this big brute. Instead you play a gimped snail that hits like a noodle.

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