Ogryn Weapons and their melee potential (Feedback)

There are 2 things I’d like to focus on this subject

  1. Ranged Weapons Melee
  2. Actual Melee Weapons

I’m going to keep this simple and with the aspect of both Lore and Games like Dawn of War to give some examples of what I’d like to see.

All in all, I feel the ogryn should have melee potential with any weapon rather range or melee, and some minor tweaks done for melee weapons to leave the ogryn less open is a short version.
Below will give more details on the changes I feel would be great, and it’s up to the devs what they want to do.

  1. Ranged Weapons Melee: I want to be as simple and as straight forward as I can be so here it is.

Ogryns are one of the deadliest melee units of the imperial guard many a book and game can show you this just read Lore Books/play Dawn of War. Ogryns with Ripper guns in Dawn of War 1&2 have great melee potential and are even stronger in melee than they are in range.
In Darktide the Ripper Gun has slow melee attack speed and only features a stabbing attack. Besides the ripper gun, other guns like the Grenade gauntlet have the best melee feature. It has 2 cleave attacks and 1 uppercut which means 2 crowd controls and 1 single target hit which would be perfect for all ranged weapons considering in lore they use their range weapons as clubs in melee or when out of ammo. A simple balance would be they do less melee damage than actual melee weapons which I believe they already do.
Ripper Gun having two cleaves and an angled upwards/straight stab would look great.
Rumbler/Lobber while it already has 2 cleaves an uppercut/downwards strike addition would add to the single target value to add a little more melee damage.
Heavy Stubber currently it only has a single swipe cleave attack, a combo 2 cleave and maybe downwards bash would add to it’s melee potential.
Grenade Gauntlet as I said has the best melee potential.

  1. Actual Melee Weapons: While there isn’t much that needs to be changed, I noticed some little things I’ll mention here.

The melee weapons in game are pretty great but some minor flaws I noticed is most of the melee weapons either have extremely reduced attack speed like the Club and Shield, or a moderate lack in either crowd control, or damage. I’ll get to the point…
Club and shield I noticed when heavy attacking has a prolonged melee animation and tend to leave you wide open for attacks.
Clubs/Power Mauls in general seem to be focused more on single target damage while I feel need a little more crowd control, and some clubs just lack physical damage by a minor amount which is a bit nitpicky, but I feel it could be better.
Cleavers or Knives do great damage, lack crowd control potential, and 1 knife variant has slow heavy attack speed. It’s a small knife it should have more heavy attack speed. The windup should not be so long in my opinion.
Shovel is just perfect don’t change a thing.

I was hoping to see more Ogryn (gun) melee buffs than the Ripper bayonet, but that was apparently just the compromise for them fixing rending being applied by everything the gun did. Crowd control damage is lousy on clubs but their crowd control is next level. They just have bad maniac modifiers outside 1 attack, so the club providing the most CC is near unusable in game (mk3b). I’m also pretty sure the dev team fell off with buffing the attack speed of Ogryn heavy attacks. They’ve all been very slow since launch, but we got huge buffs to the mk1 bully, shovel and mk4 cleaver. The mk6 cleaver and shield still feel very slow, and these new clubs are almost insanely slow. I still use mk2 because why not, but yeesh there is a reason it is not used when clubs are already unpopular.

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I’m happy you agree, and I accept any feedback for this that anyone wants to provide. I do agree some of the melee weapons need some moderate tweaks, but I didn’t want to be too overwhelming with complaints I want it to feel like some of it is still moderately viable with some minor tweaking rather than major to moderate reworks/tweaks. Though I do agree with what you are saying.