Ogryn Weapon variety is atrocious and needs a change

As title says, leveling up an Ogryn (especially with the XP bug that sometimes doesn’t give you anything at all), makes this whole experience a whole lot of terrible.

The club feels worse to use now due to light->heavy combo having a huge delay when trying to chain them repeatedly while having to watch other players with different weapons constantly (saber, chainsword, knife, hammer, axe, etc) by this point has been quite a boring and triggering experience. The ogryn knives are still boring like in the CBT and don’t offer any form of variety, so I’m just stuck with shovel and club.

The XP curve, the variety in a single character’s gameplay, and the ranged weapon choices are all terrible and make for a slog of a time while leveling up and make it feel like I am doing this as unpaid work.

I knew I should have rolled a Zealot after having seen the finalized weapon choices for Ogryn, since I figured the curve (just like the leveling) for getting them was going to be equally horrible.

Please reconsider Ogryn’s weapon progression structure, he already has the smallest amount of weapons and is already shafted as it is; at least make it so they get most of their weapons quicker. (And making the achievements more sensible rather than an untested mess).

If anything as well, the XP and progression in general should probably be its own post on top of this, since it’s terrible


I’ve been saying that this was the pitfall they will end up in if they didn’t change the progression system.

Currently, similarly to Vermintide, the devs are actively discouraging the player from doing multiple characters, and especially the more “boring” starting characters such as the Zealot and the Ogryn. Both have the issue where they are extremely dull to play for the first 10ish levels before you begin to start opening up access to your unique weaponry, which now makes it a bit more fun.

Or you could just roll a Veteran or a Psyker and enjoy your shtick from the get-go.

That’s one of my two problems with the weapons being locked behind levels. I can 100% understand putting more powerful weapon TIERS behind that, such as green, blue and yellow, but to not be allowed to even wield a grey version of, say, a Boltgun, a Flamer or a Ripper Gun from level 2 onwards is really going to hamper motivation to do more than one character, again.

Especially now that the classes are not as diverse or unique as they were in VT series in that all of them played somewhat differently due to their skillsets. In Darktide, the issue is that in the early game, the Zealot and Veteran play nigh similarly, and the Ogryn is just a hulking version of the Zealot until he gets to later levels.

So the easiest fix would be to give a guaranteed access in store for all of the weapon on grey level to be purchasable from Level 2 onwards. If someone wants to test how the Flamer and Thunder Hammer for example work out for them, they can just buy those two at a grey tier and take them out of a spin, if they like it, they know they have something to look forward to for real later on and for now can switch a bit between their weapons until that point. Want to figure out if the Ogryn’s gameplay is what you are looking for? Here’s all his equipment for you to test out and fiddle around with at a basic level, enjoy.

I honestly cannot in any way see a logical reason as to why they must lock them behind the grind, beyond artificially increasing the challenge in the game and trying to sell it off as “players improving in the game”, just because I suppose they expect that a person does not know why he is suddenly doing better when he is tapping a dude in two with a Plasma Gun instead of his Lasgun which could barely pen the enemy armour.


I think the Ogryn overall was great to play in the closed beta, but handing out the mace as a first weapon seems kind of weird, since imo it was pretty terrible and clunky, and even more so now.

Lol, Zealot is broken mess right now (check Zealot feedback topics). Ogryn is also bad now after CBT but not as broken as poor Zealot is.

The tiers of The Most Screwed Up By Fatshark in early-beta is (from most to least): Psyker >> Zealot > Ogryn > Veteran (best class right now).

I agree with everything you said except Psyker being fun

Besides the heavy melees ogryn is improved for me, even his hot garbage Kickback wasn’t as annoying to use with the small buffs it got but they definitely weren’t enough. Reload time is still awful for the damage and it has a swap time that is poor and will often get you hit since this gun is only good in close range, but I guess its supposed to be an auto-bin weapon. I’d throw the grenade gaunlet in there too unless someone’s found one with strong enough single target damage to bother with because the splash seems almost universally terrible across all the ones I found.

Zealot I didn’t find anywhere near as bad as people have been saying either, though Psyker nerfs were significant enough for a day 2 hotfix. He clearly was not in that category.

We should be able to wield most weapons as Grey tiers, the variety on choice is terrible and the grind is atrocious.

You’d think they would learn even more now but it’s like a big step back if the level you are going to spend most of your time at (30) is that much of a slog to get to (and this isn’t an MMO), then why bother gating anything, to begin with?

The Stubber is awful going away from t3, so everyone’s opinions on it being good is from that. I just can’t believe I had to spend so many levels having an INSANE lack of variety on hand while having to watch others have instant gratification with theirs from non-Ogryn classes.