Ogryn feels bad to play

You’re huge so every shot the enemy makes rips you apart, you can’t use any cover to avoid it, and even if you take a shield you have to constantly run to keep up with the others which means no stamina to block shots. Malice difficulty has one singular regular enemy with a gun shred a hundred toughness in two seconds of focused fire. It’s not fun.

All of the firearms have felt like hot garbage to me. I just want something for specials but you’ve insisted on having every gun serve the exact same purpose of crowd control and clear, except some are total crap at it. The ripper is the only thing that does anything different in its high damage capabilities, but it’s still short ranged. The explosive weapons feel like a joke for how miniscule the explosion damage is, and bounce grenades are inferior to impacts. The one and done shotgun reloads way too slow and doesn’t do enough. Haven’t gotten the stubber yet so can’t comment.

Then their melee weapons have godawful attack patterns with uneven hit timings that kill my wrist for how much I have to mash mouse. Beyond that, they also feel bad mechanically as well as physically. The only one i’ve used and liked thus far is the shield and club, since it has a sensible attack pattern, although the shield heavy sure is a hell of a lot slower and unresponsive than it was im VT2. The others have such godawful swing arcs sans the shovel, which didn’t seem to have the numbers necessary for a good weapon, judging from the one I used.

Then the talents… I don’t feel like i’m getting anything useful out of many of them.

Heavy attacks are insanely slow for Ogryn across the board, and you want me to use them to gain my toughness back? No thanks. It’s not worth the hits I incur by using them.

Do I want my useless grenade to have half a use against 3% of encountered enemies? A bleed DOT on the dogwater heavy attacks that leave me open? Or damage reduction and bonuses vs a different 3% of encountered enemies? Hmm.

15 was so bad I genuinely don’t remember what the options were beyond coherency radius, which is a really boring talent to have to pick.

I stopped caring after that because it’s almost all trite buffs that I don’t feel impact anything meaningful or make me play around them. Lazy passive boosts that are superior to the mechanical actives or triggers.

I wanna main this class because I see the potential but it feels so bad to play compared to the nonsense I see the other classes get up to.


I think you picked the wrong class if you have a problem with everything about ogryn and feel other classes are better.

I don’t think his ranged weapons have the problems you list.

I will admit theres crappy talents, but all classes have some really shitty talents, a number of zealot talents don’t even work at all.

Ogryn’s grenade does suck.

I wonder if it would be too abusable if his grenade was not a grenade at all like psyker. What if ogryn’s grenade was the mutant’s ability to throw an opponent? Give it a long cooldown like a minute, and do no damage, but it would be a fun cc and could give your squishier allies some breathing room. It would also make sense on an ogryn.


The fact our melees dont seem to be much stronger compared to the ones the runts use despite how massive and strong ogryns are also seems scuffed. Playing ogryn right now feels like playing reverse bardin. You’re big so that you’re focus fired, in the way so your team mates can shoot you too, and our melees, what we’re supposed to excell at, hardly feel stronger than the sharpshooter smacking people about with a shovel. I always feel like im just a burden instead of a proper brute there to protect the little ones.

His melees were faster in the first beta. Now it feels off, agreed. Seeing the ability to stagger even ragers and the like on almost every melee, while adding to the overall depth of the melee game significantly detracts from ogryn’s overall identity, after all he gets stagger power not hit strength. I feel like they intended you to stand around with a shield and cut the performance of his other melees down to prod you along into that role.

And while grenade gaunlet might be the best of a bad situation for special killing its damage is still bad and its an uphill battle landing those direct hits with suppression almost always affecting your big bod. Just a long way around to do what other classes can do, worse. Besides ripper gun being better than the conventional class shotgun by a bit but do not sleep on that cleaving special round.

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I’ve really enjoyed his melee options. I’d prefer for some better visual variety but mechanically they work fine.

The cleaver has beastly horizontals when chaining light-heavy-light-heavy.

Grenade gauntlet doesn’t really do enough melee damage to use it as a melee option, the shot grenade needs more damage and slightly more radius, weapon special feels fun.

If shotguns reload was halved it may fix it, feels good and looks good just way too slow to use consequentially.


I played a lot of Ogryn in the closed beta and had so much fun, it was a blast.

I started playing him here, and it just feels so awful. Everything just feels so…slow, and doesn’t feel like there’s any additional power to make it feel fun or warranted.


I agree that something’s off, but I believe it’s mostly when trying to chain attacks. I often end up stumped by why I’m not charing up a heavy attack just to realise that it didn’t chain properly.

Don’t really agree that it’s awful though. It’s incredibly strong and versatile, but you have to enjoy heavy melee focus.

I haven’t stopped using it yet. It’s good for msot situations both short an long range in my opinion, and

using the weapon special will reliably help deal with the armoured ogryns.

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I guess from the comments here, he had been seen as overtuned last beta or something. Certainly doesn’t feel that way anymore, as I guess the devs overnerfed him.

I’m gonna be very sad if his last unlockable gun is crap too. Powering through to the shield and having to use mediocre kit was already a painful journey.

Ogryn was absolutely fine last beta. Now it feels like playing in slo-mo all the time. It’s maddening.


So coming at it from another perspective, as a Psyker I love having an ogryn in my party. I stick to him like glue, because he can soak up so much fire for me while I’m charging my staff or trying to line up a BB on a special. I don’t expect him to be a super killy machine, I expect him to keep me alive and he does that incredibly well. Zealots are always zipping around and veterans are too busy sniping my glowing heads, but the Ogryn is my buddy.

Edit: Not suggesting Ogryn couldn’t be better refined, but just wanted to encourage Ogryn players that us squishies appreciate your fluffy ass.


when i first played the POB I instantly thought man, i feel kinda slow.
The melee weapons we had access to in the beta feel way slower now.
I am currently playing with shield and Grenade Gauntlets and boy let me tell you switching weapons takes ages, same for swinging your mace/gauntlet.
I get that Ogryns arent meant to be the fastet guys let me at least have my cleave then so i can hit more than what feels like 5 basic enemies before the mace gets stuck.
I mean look at his arms they are as big as the veterant and you want to tell me they cant cleave a group of what amounts to starving zombies? And look at that mace, that thing is huge and has to have momentum.

The ranged weapons are also in need of some love. I only play the grenade gauntlets because they are the only weapon that can semi regularely hit enemies over 30m away.
Good luck hitting that Sniper with your LMG that cant hit the side of a barn or the grenade launcher where the grenade hit but bounces away and the AOE doesnt kill anything

I’d like to add my 5p.

He does feel slow: he’s about as fast as normies while being at least 50% “longer”.

HA is rarely used, usually deals way less damage overall and opens you up for an ene,y attack.
The game is not so much about melee control - there’s usually someone shooting at you so you don’t have time to prepare the swing. The idea that windup affects the damage is great tho.
Ragers are the perfect example: I can only block and wait till they’re done if my light attacks don’t stagger them - does not look great.
HA talents - a chance of 20% “thp”? No thanks. Twice the regen from the teammates is the safer and better option.
Heavy attack aura: what’s the point? Almost nobody uses it, you don’t use it, just why?
My ogryn employs 0 of the melee class perks provided, and I feel better for it.

The talents have some weird ones I agree: it seems from the gamedev perspective you’d be making them bleed - but you don’t have the tools! Besides nobody knows how bleed actually works… if it does…

Firearms: the blunderbass is a low level joke - slow & won’t kill anything. The gauntlet is fun but rather weak and slow. Autocannon - very fun, effective in close/mid combat but totally ineffective against far away targets and you’re not reloading it in combat; ammo is a real issue. So the grenade launcher actually made the most sense to use for me - it’s the longest reaching weapon, if the grenade doesn’t bounce away you can even kill something with it (it’s a possibility) or at least stagger a special; the damage from the blase is the best thing Ogryn’s got for AoE, also it reloads faster than the autocannon and has a lot of ammo - like it’s hard to run out of it. By the way it’s also bugged - grenade explosion does not ignite the barrels…

Grenade - it does… damage and is able to kill (not always) big specials. But. It takes a lot of time to take out, so I cannot react with it, it’s just 1 so I can’t really justify grabbing it in place of zealot or veteran. Frankly, making it into an object you can pick up sounds reasonable. Maybe pick up if you missed your target.

The last gun, assuming it’s the double barrel machine gun, is solid. Strong range, decent enough accuracy. You won’t be sniping with it, but it will punish anything you aim at. The big problem it runs into is it’s a ‘braced’ gun. What I mean by this is, you primarily want to secondary fire to stabilize it, then primary to fire. The issue here is that the ogryn is so large that they lose toughness incredibly fast to ranged fire. Which means your bracing is destroyed, which spoils your ability to reliably use this in all situations.

Though, the nice thing is, in every situation where you can’t use the ranged machine gun, you instead use the shield. Which is basically the only viable weapon on ogryn. No, seriously, they need to add the shield to every single weapon that’s not 2-handed simply because of how vital it is to Ogryn. And when you don’t need the shield, well, bring the dakka. Ammo economy is solid, damage is good enough. Getting forced out of using it is annoying but not the end of the world. Just bring a shield and you’re the perfect assist bro.

x100 yes at “give the shield to more weapons”

At least having shield variation for the three main weapons (i’ve found at least), dagger, mace, shovel.
I’m not saying to have the only have the shield but have the variation with shield.

Good news, they decided to let you hold 2 grenade ammo as Ogryn. You can basically 1 man that traitor captain boss with them on malice along with a ripper gun.

No buff for heavies though.

The latrine shovel shares it’s damage patterns with the slab shield, so that’s a no for me, but knife and mace (and other?), is a definite yes.

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Absolutely, i was just listing weapons and didn’t think about that

Some extra weapons wouldn’t hurt as well. Maybe some oversized ones that even an ogryn has to wield with two hands.