Additions to Ogryn to make them a little sturdier/flesh them out

Playing as the Ogryn with slab shield and maul. Thinking of a few things that could improve the character.

Bull Rushing with slab shield. When raised you should be able to charge with the shield out front for extra protection and to deal damage at the cost of 50% distance.

Taunt. Ogryn with a raised slab shield (not grounded) should be able to use the mouse special button to bang the shield with their maul. Aggroing enemies within a 15m radius and forcing them into a melee stance.

Mutants should be blocked with a raised slab shield. Acting as if they had missed when blocked. This should also apply when the slab shield is grounded.

Hounds should be blocked with a raised slab shield. Acting as if they had been staggered when blacked. This should also apply when the slab shield is grounded.

Passive Ogryn trait: Lots ov pockits
Commissars have long noted the fatigues of Ogryn are often filled with various battle detritus upon return to the barracks. Bullets, rocks and teeth all find their home in their myriad pockets. For every special or elite killed allies in coherency gain 1.5% of their ammo supply back at the end of that wave.

Passive Ogryn trait: Puny men, puny arms. 15% reduction in small arms fire damage (auto/lasgun) from common enemies . 20% reduction from melee damage from common enemies.

Passive slab shield trait while equipped: 'Eavy metel iz reflectif - 20% reduction in ranged damage.


Heavyweight perk should also apply to Mutants

Buff Twin-linked Heavy Stubber ammo pool. +50% to current at the minimum honestly doubling to serve its purpose as a suppressing weapon.

Heavy Bolter weapon option for Ogryn to be the opposite counterpart to the Heavy Stubber

Two Maul variants with the slab shield. Power and Shock maul. Power should be better against armour. Shock should help with crowds and disperse a shock effect similar to the Psykers chain lightning but only on hit enemies and obviously greatly reduced in effect.

Bonus non Ogryn related passive.
Zealot passive - Abhor the Mutant - 25% Damage increase against Mutants, Ragers (they have tentacles) & Spawn

Ogryn Heavy swing charge needs a slight speed increase, nothing egregious like 10% tops.

Still suffering from ranged attacks of common enemies, needs a passive to further limit the effectiveness of lasgun/autogun fire against Ogryn.

The twin linked heavy stubber needs to push enemies back more. Currently the mutant can charge through sustained heavy stubber fire, which is utterly ridiculous. Similarly ragers tank sustained fire. If anything the Bulwark gets pushed back more than these two.

Non Ogryn related, but stubber related.

The revolver needs a damage increase boost for headshot and weakpoints. It suffers from low ammo so it needs to be more powerful. Could have a further skill cap power level that multiplies damage for each successive headshot. For each successive headshot the damage multiplies by 1.5 with a 10 second cooldown for each successive headshot. So taking an example base of 100, the following damage post headshots 150, 225, 337.5, 506.25. The reason for the is the final damage figure would be slightly over five times base damage. The cooldown time could be reduced but thought 10 would be a nice round starting point.