Ogryn's Ripper and Stubber could be a *little* more accurate

I understand the shotgun being what it is (though it needs its reload time halved if not reduced more) and the grenade launchers are grenade launchers.

However, the ripper gun and heavy stubber could use a boost in accuracy. They miss tons of shots even in short and medium ranges. I get that Ogryns aren’t reliably dextrous but they could make up for that in their raw strength in being able to hold a big gun straight!

Maybe if the suppression mechanic was functioning correctly I’d sing a different tune because I see the value in getting ranged enemies to stop shooting and not necessarily killing them. Right now the grenade launchers are even better at “suppression” with their reliable aim and ability to knock guys off their feet even if they don’t outright kill.

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i’ve added this to the chat