Random small suggestions and problems

Ogryn kickback and possibly rumbler has no tiered reload.
Heavy stubber when the reloads starts you can see all the ammo in the drum even if reloading with 0 bullets.
Stub revolver has no tiered reload.
Ogryn ripper gun has more recoil when crouch firing and also has a larger crosshair. Except for some reason the Mk 2 ripper gun has the same crosshairs and recoil for crouching and standing.
Ripper gun 6 feel more accurate at range than ripper gun 5 this is counter to the description of the ripper gun 5 that says it is more accurate than other ripper guns.
Mk 2 Ripper gun looks like the couched and standing recoil and crosshairs are the same. Braced fire feels the most accurate of all the Mk of ripper guns.
Ogryn charge should not be able to be stunned out of out (same for preacher).
Some times the Ripper gun only fires one shot instead of 2 or 3 as it should.

Missions feel less unique than Vermitides as no missions have unique mechanics (like the torch mechanic in Vermintide on a few maps).
Ripper gun bayonet should do more damage (or at least scale with weapon damage), should be able to one shot trash enemies on at least the 3rd difficulty.
Cleaver special should have more stagger as it is now the normal attack feels like it has the slightly more stagger than the normal attacks.
On average it feels like a lot of the special attacks on a lot of the more "mundane’’ weapons are not that great.

You should see the weapon special for Psyker staves, that is a slow single target melee attack with minor stagger, that deals 15 damage. The attack is the same on all 4 of the staves…

I played mostly Psyker and then Ogryn and I tested the damage and it is really bad, I should have added that, but it is sortoff included that I said that the mundane weapons special attacks are not great, but the staffs are anything but mundane.

The revolvers special is also bad and that included the other weapon bashes. The only weapon bash that is ok is the laspistol push for psyker.

The weirdest part of the staffs is that they have full melee strings but the damage they do is so bad that no one would use them, making the special on it useless.