Random small suggestions and problems Part 3

Here is the 3rd random feedback on random stuff some things I mentioned in previous posts has been changed and fixed.

Stub revolver staged reload: when reloading and ejecting out all the bullets, switiching out mid reload and back to it, all the bullets are in the cylinder needing to be ejected out again.
Characters weapons clips through walls when near them (this is also in vermintide 2, so maybe an engine limitation).
Heavy stubber when the reloads starts you can see all the ammo in the drum even if reloading with 0 bullets.
Ogryn ripper gun has more recoil when crouch firing and also has a larger crossair.
Ripper gun 6 feel more accurate at range than ripper gun 5 this is counter to the description of the ripper gun 6 that says it is more accurate than other ripper guns.
Mk 2 Ripper gun looks like the couched and standing recoil and crossairs are the same. Braced fire feels the most accurate of all the Mk of ripper guns.
Mk2 Ripper gun sometimes shoots only 1 shell in braced mode.
One of the teeth on the eviscerator clips through the backside of the weapon.
Cannot use ā€œIā€ to go to inventory in phykarium.
The push attack on the catachan sword Mk1 is the same as the second light attack string.
Braced autogun special attack cannot be done when the magazine is empty and the reloading starts.
Special attack on the psyker staffs do too little about of damage.
The force sword should get the 4% perils on push and increase the stagger distance on the push attack to 4.5m again, but I know some people prefer how it is now.

Missions feel less unique than vermitides as no missions have unique mechanics.
Ripper gun bayonet should do more damage (or at least scale with weapon damage), should be able to one shot trash enemies on at least the 3rd difficulty.
Ogryn grenade changed to two grenades per pick up feels weird as you throw the whole box, I think it will maybe be better that you can instead throw the box a few times before it breaking, but this is subjective change as the current version is ok.

Additional things.

In the closed beta there was also an side objective to collect relics which was basically to pick up 6 things scattered throughout the level that did not take inventory space. I think it should be brought back but also change the collection weeklies, maybe make it so that you need to collect a certain amount of books/relics with the books counting more towards the weekly and relics only as 1.

The other modifier that was talked about a lot pre release was acid rain will this be added later or was it dropped?

For the new bolter animations make it so that the old ready animation can be used in reloading. So that the bolter has more than 1 reload animation.

Hellbore charge gets lossed when going from ads to hipfire.
Shovel special should be a bit more damage and stagger.
Grenadier gauntlet cycle animation broken?
Mk 2 ripper gun ammunition in drum does not visually update when firing.
Inspect animation for bolter is not the same as it was anymore before the patch (before the patch the bolt was taken back with the inspect animation).
Trinkets clips through weapons, but mark of the 1st born does not.
Hound does health damage instead of toughness damage if he runs past you.
Headhunter autogun cannot use special when you start the reload, you must finish the reload to use it.
Cleaver special should have more stagger as it is now the normal attack feels like it has the slightly more stagger than the normal attacks.

Braced autogun not being able to be used while the magazine is empty was fixed in the previous patch.