Revolver and Knife Feedback

I gotta start this post by saying how I karking love the animations and sound work for both weapons. The reloading on the revolver is the best I’ve ever seen, and the different fiddle animations for the knife is a great flourish after planting it into someone’s skull. But I do have a little bit of feedback for the both of them, but take it with a grain of salt, not a game developer after all.

The revolver basically perfectly fits role of being the elite/special sniper, but there are a two little issues I have with the gun. The main one is that the revolver doesn’t seem to have any staged reload system from what I can see. If you eject the ammo, switch to your melee to kill that one poxwalker that always materializes behind you, and then switch back to the revolver, the character has to eject the rounds again. Given how all the other weapons have staged reloads, it doesn’t seem right the only the revolver doesn’t have it (and maybe give it a slight reserve ammo buff or ammo pickup buff as well. Running out of ammo with the revolver is much more common than with the other guns.) Hopefully there’ll be a fix to bring it in line with the other weapons, but I know it’ll take a while given the whole other issues with the game (2 frames a second during manufactorium missions), so take your time with that first. Blasting with the revolver is still fun even with those minor setbacks.

Now I get the knife is meant to be the fast stabby stabby yes yes weapon, but it does feel like I’m hitting enemies with a wet noodle sometimes. When comparing it to other weapons at the same power level such as the axe which one shots to the head of even melee guardsmen with a light attack, taking the dagger seems like purposely limiting yourself. Even the heavy attack can struggle with killing some of the cannon fodder enemies unless you hit them with a crit or headshot, (and it’s a bit too slow in my opinion). Now I get that a knife is a knife, and it obviously won’t do as much damage as an axe, but giving it maybe more damage or attack speed would help bring it a bit more in line with the other melee weapon options.

Overall, you guys nailed the aesthetic and feel of the revolver and knife, just a bit of tweaking and a fix to help bring it in line.

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The knife as it currently is pretty much only exists as a vehicle for the Laceration trait and to sprint faster forwards.

Heck, you don’t even attack with the knife to inflict bleed, you push enemies or use grenades or psyker ability.

Knife with a decent stat roll is actually one of the best weapons in higher difficulties on Zealot as long as you take the bleed crit chance feat at level 10. But this is also because the Knife and Tactical Axe are the only reliable options for survival through skilled movement after the sadist dodge nerfs (#bringdodgeback).

The Heavy attack chain is armour piercing and can dish out nutty damage on my lvl 30 Zealot but there is the obvious downside against hordes where all that clicking might give you carpal tunnel. Pairs nicely with the Flamer if you’ve reliable teammates for ranged special killing.

Revolver with a good roll and traits is hella satisfying but the long reload and lack of ammo is way too punishing right now.

I think the biggest issue with your suggestion with the revolver animation is that it’ll will become very finnicky to work and play with, as now you’ve got three states to work with, Fully fired, partially fired and partially fired with an unfinished reaload. It’s a ton of finnicky effort for not alot of difference.

The only game I know that’s ever introduced this type of detail is Insurgancy Sandstorm, and even that isn’t consistantly working properly.

To be honest, I don’t mind the bullet dump, as it’s consitant, which means you can learn exactly how long you need to reaload without having to think of all the factors.

As for the knife, the biggest issue is that the DING-DING of the knockout bell doesn’t ring if you kill an enemy with the punch! (But yeah, just needs a touch of fine tuning)