Revolver Speedloader Change :(

When I first read that Speedloader would be expanded to ‘close range’ kills, I was tentatively excited. Now I am just sad. :<

I hate it.

I really enjoyed the synergy between the revolver and melee builds. Running a knife (Precog+Riposte) w/ Blazing Piety, I don’t really need more crit, so Speed Loader (over Surgical or Point-Blank) was a highly attractive option. But that means I’m typically snap-firing the revolver. I’m not really interested in volleying a horde except in extremely rare circumstances. Much less remembering to keep ‘one’ round in the chamber so I can try to proc a reload. Especially since the primary use of the Revolver in my build is cracking Crushers or acing a special.

I don’t care about the percentage value changes.
But please revert Speedloader to work with melee kills. Or shuffle this functionality into Point-Blanc so the Zealots can enjoy what the Executioner Stance Vets hate enough to cause this change.


Oh my. I’d just assumed “close range kill” would include the previous condition of melee kills. That is an insane oversight that makes it only desirable (and even then questionably so) on brautos.

That’s super dumb FS. It should be close range/melee kill, both conditions should work.


This bless should make it a handy tool for mutiple classes yet it serves only Vet now, just awful change it is.

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I also don’t like how it ditched fun swap based synergies in favor of a bland mechanic of shoot more to shoot more faster.

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Yeah. I’ve kept playing with Speedloader since then while I figure out exactly how I want to proceed. I also tried dipping into Sainted Gunslinger or running both.

Sadly the talent is far enough in that it’s not really that efficient. And it only works for 1 contiguous reload sequence. That means I can’t interrupt the sequence without losing all 10 stacks. Additionally, even with Full Speedloader and Sainted Gunslinger, it gets into that diminishing return range on the reload speed. Still hoping they revert the changes.

That said… … this hasn’t been a completely fruitless endeavor. While I am stuck with Speedloader for now, I did discover a few niches to expand my build further. Build Editor for Darktide - Create your own Darktide Builds - Darktide WH40k - Games Lantern
Namely by taking the Duelist talent in combination with Precog+Riposte on the knife for interesting Revolver and knife backstab shenanigans.

Love your videos, and if you want to know more about what “did not” work in this process feel free to nudge me on Discord.

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That sounds amusing.

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