Revolver in high difficulty

I love the revolver’s quick swap and dodge speed, but its damage does not scale well at high difficulties, as it often cant kill gunners in 2 headshots and several specials will survive if you dump the entire mag into their bodies (trapper, flamethrowers, mutant, etc).

Buff its damage a bit and it still wont come close to the flamethrowers or bolters but will still have its own niche as the quick special deleter for aim gamers at high difficulty.


It needs a much higher weak spot multiplier to reward accuracy and maybe double the ammo to find a place in the current meta. Completely outclassed by other options.


Much agreed. Love the feel of it (well not having to reload it!) but constantly running out of ammo because it takes entirely too many shots to kill a single thing… feelsbad. I would be fine with the low ammo if it could be stretched further, rewarding good aim. I still use it on zealot sometimes despite, because at least it staggers stuff (enough to gapclose and melee), and sometimes you get a lucky crit.

For the sake of consolidating, here is the last thread which brought the exact same issue of ammo and multiplier issues for what is meant as a high-power, slow-reload weapon. To show support for this feedback suggestion.

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Even on malice difficulty it’s underwhelming as far as performance goes and the number of times I had to put it away empty and wait for a time to safely reload was ridiculous.

Where are the speed loaders? Seems like a good idea for reloading an empty weapon. I had a flamer on zealot that had a bonus to reload speed when it’s empty (a very paltry percentage but it was there.

It looks great, sounds great, performs okay but being stuck with an empty gun you can’t reload quickly is terrible.

Ammo tin should restore at least 2 clips for how otherwise ammo inefficient it is. Even if they’re high calibre rounds you should also carry more than 37 rounds max.

But ammo pickups are hardcoded that tin = 1 magazine’s worth and bag = 1/2 max total. Unravelling that to give specific amounts to specific guns might be a bit of a mess.

Naw I love the individual bullet reload, and taking that away would hurt the uniqueness of the weapon. I just want the weapon to be good enough to make the slow reload worth it, just as the bolter is.

Extra bullet in the chamber wouldn’t hurt either…I love that thing on veteran if I want to try something which isn’t considered “meta”.

For me it comes down to three issues:
-Ammo count: too low. essentially 5 mobs in Damnation
-Bang for buck: per shot, the damage is… ok but not extraordinary. Perhaps a Mark 1 revolver with higher damage and recoil?
-Reload time: takes forever, so can’t really be used in a pinch.

Keep reloading shells 1/1 for an older mark, more ancient and revered.
Use the following for the standard issue revolver:

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Some variants of weapons have faster relaods and more or higher ammunation capacity offset by changes to other stats like damage,

Could be nice to have relatively higher damage on single loader variants of the revolver with lower ammo capacity and relatively lower damage on variants of the revolver with speed loaders and higher ammo capacity. Currently I’m guessing there’s not much variation for revolvers, whereas many other weapons have 2 or 3 or more variants.

I actually like the slow, individual shot reload. Just make sure there is reserve ammo to where you can keep using it by doubling the amount, and that it hurts like the blazes when it pops a head in higher difficulties.

Or perhaps make sure it has the best penetration of all bullet weapons and catching multiple targets in a hoard? Lots of ways to make Harry proud.

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I agree, the slow reload is def my favorite part and the last thing I’d want them to change

definitely agree, we already know each weapon has different properties like more headshot damage or more crit damage multiplier. The change that the revolver should have a massive headshot damage multiplier for a reward for skillful shooting, as well as allowing it to scale into high difficulties is a good idea

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Precisely. With a weapon that has limited access to to being ready to be used in a timely manner.

The time it IS in use has to be worth it. The positive is that when it DOES work, it feels amazing. Just got to make sure it works in all modes.

They really should increase headshot/weakspot damage.