Revolver needs 2x-3x more ammo

Given how much better Boltgun is (dmg, clip size, reload time, knockback) and how many more bullets it has, Revolver should at least be given similar ammo reserve. Slight buff to reload speed or maybe headshot damage would be nice too but at least give us more ammo.


I really think that the revolver should be a dream for players with good aim. But right now it really underperforms compared to the bolter because the bolter can shred mutants, maulers, multiple ragers, crushers, bulwarks and reapers in a single magazine. The revolver just can’t do that.

The revolver should have more ammo, reload faster, do significantly more weak spot damage and penetrate carapace armor on weak spot hits. That would put it on par with the bolter and allow players with great aim a solid choice with versatility. Keep magazine capacity the same so that hoards are still a problem and missed shots are still punishing and then you have balanced risk/reward.


100% agree - the ammo count looks like something out of the previous games and would only be justified in Darktide if it was an actual pocket sniper crit monster (hint: it’s not).


Currently the punks feel lucky, we should change that.

More ammo than currently. And increase it’s crit chance, or base damage to weak point. The reload is slow, and that’s actually fine if it performs well when it fires.


eh i disagree and honestly dislike the bolter vs the revolver. the only thing i see lacking on the revolver is the reload speed. The bolters massive drawback is the constant cocking the gun on swap which takes 1.5-2s and you are easily knocked off balance by melee hits and the mag gets emptied very rapidly. The only place where i see the bolter excel very handily is fighting plague ogryns and beast of nurgle.

The revolver needs 2x reload speed and it will be in a good spot.


Revolver need an accuracy dependent skill triggered by headshots. Increasing the danage each successful headdhot up to 4x times as well as damage boost on headshot generally.

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Reload speed just feels like a given for buffing the revolver. But after doing as much testing as I have for the ranged weapons available on zealot, the revolver’s raw damage output per magazine is not keeping up with the bolter.

On paper, the revolver seems like a good pick. I really want to pick it because I love guns that reward great aim. But the problem is that even with the accuracy and quick switch potential, I will not be able to kill bulwarks, crushers, mutants, ragers or maulers anywhere near as quickly or reliably as the bolter does. On heresy and damnation, I have to be very lucky with crits to kill even a single rager or mauler with one magazine on the revolver. Killing mutants, crushers or bulwarks with it is just out of the question on zealot. The bolter however is able to reliably mulch through multiple ragers and maulers in a single magazine. Even better is that it can quickly reliably kill bulwarks and crushers in full auto all while using just one magazine worth of ammo. The revolver will always be quicker and smoother at landing repeated snipes, but that hardly matters if I can still do the same thing with the bolter even if I am a bit slower.

Maybe if I was a guardsmen I could see the revolver being use more reliably with the right build. But that also implies that I don’t take the accatran with infernus for a more well rounded weapon in general.

I really want to like the revolver, but it needs to be able to compete with the bolter in terms of dealing with high health and armor of elites and specials on heresy and damnation before it can be accepted as an alternative.

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the going thing is most of the weapons need to brought up to the level of the bolter. I cant comment much on anything beyond malice as that’s where I find the most challenge and completion %. the Revolver seems ok its right on the edge and in malice I have fairly reliably killed maulers with about 4 rounds to the chest that’s if nothing step in from of him or he gets staggered and messes up my shots. I personally see the bolter as being fairly balanced be me personally DONT like it because it feels clunky to use the swap animation is frustrating and getting back on target for a follow up shot is crap compared.

Give the revolver a faster reload slightly more ammo over all and variants that have more rounds in the cylinder and more dmg to weak points that rewards accuracy then you’d be going places

to add to that add variants of the revolver one which has a different ammo type made specifically for AP but has massive recoil and maybe bring is a gunfighter fan the hammer type secondary so you can drill something like a gunner/flamer/trapper/hound.

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True. I never even pick up the revolver because of how little ammo it holds.

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I want to use it but the total ammo is too low. You have either the bolter with more damage and ammo or lasgun with less damage but much more ammo. Revolver has its positive traits though; decent damage, accuracy and faster switch to ranged. I can understand where the ammo limit comes from (not being obviously better than a lasgun I think).

Perhaps a compromise would be keeping the ammo limit but increasing the number of bullets you get from a clip or ammo pack from the map. This way you still get to use it sparingly but you aren’t completely starved.


I’d say one of the largest reasons to increase the base ammo, is how the current pool for a non-sharpshooter means that when you pick up a small ammo stash, you only get 5 bullets. Thus requiring SIX to get 30 shots.

By using the revolver you counter-productively end up starving ammo from the rest of your team because your ammo pool takes many more pickups to replenish. Considering you are already managing the reload mid battle, the ammo limitation just makes no sense. The cartridges aren’t even large, like how bolter mags take up all the space in the world from a common sense perspective.


I’d really like the revolver to be made more viable as it is otherwise a very fun weapon type.


@Mido I think the revolver was showcased as the Psyker first weapon during the beta? I think the gun needs a complete rework.

Maybe the Psyker can imbue its ammo with the warp or something and cause the bullets to explode or spread fire/lightning. But then again, why would a psyker not carry a staff.

But for a veteran to use the pistol over the bolter or plasma gun or even the lasgun seems silly.

Maybe the zlot could use it, but they also have access to the bolter, and a flamer. So I don’t really see a place for this gun on higher difficulties.

The vanilla revolver needs some <3.

The revolver should have one of those full cartridge reload clips when empty that takes a third the time as the current reload and have the ability to top off bullet by bullet so that you’re rewarded for using the full clip with a faster overall reload by using a speed loader. This could be further bolstered if you could reload while sprinting but that’s dreaming.

As for the ammo capacity, I think it’d be kinda weird to have dozens and dozens of bullets on you but I think ammo pickups should replenish double for pistols than for regular weapons. Meaning it would take 4 ‘magazine’ ammo pickups to go from 0 to full or one red ammo bundle pickup to be full. The plasma gun already has this functionality but in reverse. It takes 12 ‘magazine’ pickups while other weapons like the bolter take 8.

Edit: Oh and it should probably do a bit more damage too.

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Spot on. I think this is where it should sit balance wise. It just isn’t there. I’m a decent shot and I absolutely love using the revolver but i just wouldn’t dare using it in difficulty 4/5 without some adjustments.

Faster reloads, more ammo, larger weak point bonuses.

It’s not the same weapon, but I feel the Lawbringer suffers from similar issues on the ammo pool, it should be a benefit of less well rounded weapons like that.

I actually enjoy the revolver save for two main issues that I can’t help but wonder about.

  1. We have speedloaders for revolvers in the 21st century. There’s no speedloaders for revolvers in the 41st millenium??
  2. Ammo is very limiting on anything other than Veteran. On Veteran it only feels slightly better.

This buff clearly won’t be enough but it’s better than nothing I guess.

Not sure what’s the deal with these ranges though, did they forget that Revolver has a fixed ammo reserve which is 32? Assuming they take the middle value and round it down, the new ammo reserve is gonna be 52.

This part of the patch also struck me as weird. The buff is nice but the way they went about it introduces more RNG. They increased the ceiling on the ammo reserve by 30 but only increased the floor by 10. Depending on your luck, you and your mate could have the same revolver, but one of you’d be able to carry 2x the reserve ammo (If I’m understanding this correctly).

Weird choices.

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I don’t think you’re right.

If they wanted to say they will introduce variation in ammo reserve, they would say “from 32 to 35-70” because 32 is the fixed number of ammo reserve for all revolvers now. So this 25-40 range doesn’t make any sense.