Revolver needs 2x-3x more ammo

Eh, I think it’ll be a big help, along with the falloff increase and fixing the bug when shooting things at longer ranges. (That screwed me a few times while shooting snipers)

Revolver was already mostly in a decent spot and just needed more reserve ammo in the first place, maybe a small reload speed increase. Will it be enough reserve ammo? Maybe, maybe not. Keep in mind it also increases the value of ammo pick ups substantially as well.

But it’s okay, you can now use the useless pistol whip while reloading!

In the 41th millennium, there is only war… and no speed loaders apparently.


imagine going
5 rounds in revolver/ and 32 extra rounds.

32 is a multiplication of 6, why we do have only 5 rounds in the revolver.

It would be cool if you hit some threshold of permanent reload speed that the animation would change to a speedloader reload. Kind of like Killing Floor 2’s ‘elite’ reload perks that have a completely different animation for the faster reloads.

As someone that loves playing the Revolver on Zealot because of how fast it is to pull out I’m gonna have to agree. A weapon that is so limited by clip size and reload time shouldn’t be limited in ammo capacity as well. I eventually swapped to the Shotgun because it does the same things and more.

Now you’re really making it obvious that you just like trolling around. Revolver has THE QUICKEST draw animation in the game.

You really hate me, don’t you?

I simply have a tendency for correcting objectively wrong statements on forums.

I must admit I feel a slight pity for you now that I unintentionally clocked you.

Please stop replying to this Sledgehammer dude.
He’s an obvious troll and already got his thread locked for being flagged.

Let’s look at the posting history for this clown:

He’s an Ogryn main:

He’s a Zealot main:

Yet, most interestingly, he thinks that:

  • Thunderhammer should have a nerf with a charged cooldown
  • Flamethrower is OP
  • Axe is OP but only if a Zealot uses it

Then there is this little gem:

As an “Ogryn/Zealot main”, it is interesting that he’s most active in threads about Power Swords where he argues against any Power Sword nerfs with takes like:

Or, the comedy gold:

You can go read the rest if you will unless he edits these posts.

I’ll leave it up to you to conclude what his main actually is, and why he has such shitty takes and just trolls around the forums.

Just don’t feed the trolls pls.


Yes mostly in pugs and solo as they are very strong.
Ogryn is my main while playing with friends as Ogryn can provide better support/cover in coordinated group
I enjoy Pskyser as well, but most of the time my friends are already using it so I would stick to Ogry.
Also You need to take a chill pill.

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I love the revolver aesthetic, but that’s about all it has. Oddly, it doesn’t even use a moon clip in its animation, so an awkwardly slow reload will now always be in its future.

I can’t rationalize how to improve it in a way that eclipses another gun in a way that’s meaningful aside from having an affect on your class ability or some other intangible like that. It would be nice if you were firing explosive rounds that triggered on headshot, or something.

Oddly, it doesn’t even use a moon clip

Lost 2k technology. Engineers are still figuring that out.

After the recent buff I find more revolver users. It’s not unusual to have 2 revoler users in one match. After dozens of such matches I think that the little buff to ammo reserve wasn’t enough.

Yeah there’s no way you can’t hold more of those puny revolver bullets without speedloader vs. expensive boltgun ammo in magazines.

Best solution is just to have a dedicated sidearm slot for everyone(boltgun/plasma/flamer take up both primary and sidearm slot).