Revolver, seriously fatshark, give it some love

The revolver in high difficulties needs badly a boost.

When we compare it with the bolter:
Good points for the revolver:

  • fast switch to it

Bad points:

  • less damages than the bolter
  • not repetitive
  • less ammo in the bag (means you can become toxic for your team) - for non veteran it is 52 for revolver and 95 for bolter
  • less ammo in “magazine” as the bolter as 15 and revolver 5 chambers
  • can’t one shot a sniper at damnation but the bolter can

There’s a problem in the game with the ranged weapons. For melee weapons, excepted the power sword, all weapons are equal cause they have their utility (the power sword is not equal as it can kill everything and fast so it has no weakness)
But for ranged weapons, when we reach damnation, here we see nearly all players using same weapons… bolter / MGXII / Recon lasgun / flamer.

It really would be great to have an alternative to the bolter. In fact, the bolter can snipe, the bolter can be used auto to clean a large area, the bolter can be used as single shot weapon… bolter has everything. Revolver can only be played as single shot weapon. Even the blessings of the revolver don’t change this.
The fact that the revolver has only 5 chambers is already a strong limitation. So, why not give more ammo to this weapon and raise a little the damages?
I really would like to have options in damnation maps…


It´s because they´re too strong / kinda broken.

Flamer and bolter can easily clear everything and get ride of any “bad situation” the game throws on you. This needs to be fixed and suddenly other weapons will shine way more.

Meanwhile lasguns aren´t that extremely powerful, but way too good allrounders in general. But this is also a thing, because they scale very well with all the +X% feats on Vet. It´s just that doesn´t really scale around its own kit, it´s that the class itself will buff a handful of weapons way too much.

I do think that the revolver plays fine in general. But i can agree so far to say that it should be a skilled weapon, which highly rewards sniped shots. So the weakspot-multiplier, especially against armored enemies, should outnumber everything else by miles to let it shine in its niche.
(Meanwhile tweaking / nerfing the already named weapons anyway.)

(EDIT: And even if it´s a strange choice for some poeple, but Vet and Zealot should go away from all their straight +XY% feats, because it´ll kill some sort of weapon-balancing at any time. Or atleast the numbers / durations needs to be tweaked based on the weapon you holding.)

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Personally I want more ammo for the shotgun and more damage for the revolver. Just make it enough of a hand cannon to justify the ammo. Agreed with @Darth_Angeal that great break points should be head shot reliant.

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I haven’t perform an actual test, but I’m quite sure that MG XII has the fastest effective Time To Kill across the board, except for carapace armored enemies. It is also one of the most ammo efficient weapons in the game, and it has a red dot sight too. It is an EXTREMELY powerful weapon.

No, first Fatshark sould fix bulwark’s shield and give crushers an actual weak point, then tone down bolters and flamers. People should be able to shoot around the shield, but right now it is impossible. It is a 180 degree invulnerability arc in front of a bulwark. In other words, we do not have a skill expressive option to defeat enemy ogryns, so we are forced to use excessive brute force.

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I wouldn’t dream of going into a Damnation game with the Revolver or Shotgun for ammo efficiency reasons alone.

Fix that and maybe we can see about bringing them in line with the Kantrael and the Headhunters.

Also, giving the Revolver Crucian Roulette as a Blessing, when it’s got literally 5 rounds ? And some Headhunters have 40+ ? Stupid.

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I run heavy sword and revolver combo regularly on Damnation. It has decent stats, reload time is fairly crucial. It could certainly use one more chamber, less damage drop off. Also if this is supposed to be a powerful hand cannon, then killing trash shooters should be more reliable. It just feels wrong to take multiple shots at longer range to kill trash. You just have to go for headshots, which is fine with me…if the game run like a good first person shooter and not like a bad console port.

The only change that I’d want to the Revolver would be for it to have a speed loader when reloading a full cylinder (Making you decide if you reload early as currently or empty your whole clip for the speed loader. This would have to be basic to all Revolver

Then have the Rounds have a higher close/mid range damage and the fall off to keep the Revolver as good as it currently is at range right now

As for the Quickdraw:

  • Increase Total Ammo from 5/52 to 5/60 (So 31 total cylinder)
  • Increase Ammo pickup modifier, Small Ammo pick up
  • Reload on the Run
  • Replace the special attack (Melee attack) with Dum Dum Rounds
  • Dum Dum Rounds: Heavy Armour rounds, open the cylinder (Really how it is called apparently), take out a bullet (if no empty spot available) and replace it with a Dum Dum round (If a Dum Dum round is already in the cylinder, the new one is put right before it, that way you can have multiple Dum Dum rounds, maybe let us hit the special action multiple times to load multiples Dum Dum rounds at once without opening and closing the Cylinder too much)

Then introduce 2 or 3 other variants:

Zarona Mk X Twin Stub Revolver:

  • Act as Twinned Revolver, shooting in alternating order (Like Salzpyre’s Brace of Pistol)
  • If 1 Revolver is empty the remaining one will shoot as normal
  • Reload work the same way as the Quickdraw, but reload one revolver before the other (Maybe the most empty one first) taking much longer naturally
  • Same ammo amount count as the Quickdraw 5/60
  • Special attack shoot both gun at once, can’t ADS, but can be braced

Zarona Mk V Heavy Stub Revolver and Power Fist:

  • excatly the same as the Quickdraw, but you get a Power fist that can be charged as special attack instead of Dum Dum Rounds

2 vital things for revolver: speedloader / universal loader, when it’s completely empty.
fix damn animation, with endless empty shells spawn on reload sequence.
QoL: Better ironsights with tritium for nightops, better ammo restoration from elite kills / more ammo from pick ups. Thats all we need actualy.
And yeah, special attack is totally useless, it’s like the joke from Boris @ “Snatch” movie.
Also my current feelings about z-revolver:

With “not so extremely powerful” i mean in comparison to the possibilities of bolter / flamer, which can immediately take out packs + horde within seconds just while holding LMB.

Bulwarks can´t do anything else but holding their shield up. Yes it´s somewhat annoying, but that´s why stuff like BB, cc and classes like Ogryn exists to deal with them. Same counts for crushers… they´re slow, easy dodgeable etc… It´s up to the players to build something that can deal with any circumstances or not.

Bolter and flamer are just too good against everything but snipers sitting 100m away. And the ammo-count, reload-times or prepare-aniations doesn´t balance those weapons, when you clear a whole room + horde within 10s, just to catch new ammo and reload while moving to the next pack.

I don´t want to see them becoming nerfed into the ground, especially picking a flamer means to sacrifize for range on Zealot. But they shouldn´t have an answer to everything with that high damage potential.

I´m fine to say that this gun relies more to a Vet with more reload-speed. I do like the feeling of the reload-animation aswell. Speedloader could be some sort of blessing, but i don´t want to see it in general.

Ammopacks and restores should be actually tuned down across the board. Then FS should rebalance the base-amount of several weapons to keep the stuff interesting for all classes but Vet, but also let them shine more on Vet, who gains ammo back by more skilled shots, since the class is obviously the range-class in DT.

…in front of a horde, some ragers, two maulers, and a flamer, yes.

They absolutely do balance a bolter.

I do know about their buggy hitbox, but there are ways to deal with them even with a horde and other stuff in the back. Psyker and Ogryn bring a good amount of cc, Vet and Zealot have grenades to deal with them. You don´t even need a flamer or bolter.
Yes they can be annoying, but it´s all what they can. It´s like disablers… they can only do one thing and that should set the player under pressure.

Personal experience i guess… i don´t see much balance when a weapon clears even bad spawns the AI director on you immediately, so you or your teammates can easily take care for the rest. And ones it´s done you just move forward and reload without any trouble.
That´s exactly the experience i´ve from heresy and damnation games. The players that mostly have trouble with it, are those who run like 90% of the game with a bolter in their hands, because they still believe it´s shooter.

Just give it better headshot damage, the revolver headshot damage is super pitiful right now. Going from 340 damage on bodyshot to 440 on headshot, it’s pathetic. A 2x damage modifier on headshot or even just a 1.5x modifier would be better than this.

Also, you can build a sniper one-shot breakpoint by getting 25% damage vs unarmoured enemies. I can oneshot snipers with that within 23 meters without a crit.

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A good bolter can kill 2 or 3 ogryns if they stand real close to one another before you need to reload. That’s not much but it is a sole reason to bring a bolter over something like a braced agri or a lasgun.

You’re right about this. Or, they nerf these weapons, or they need to buff several ones.
However, I think that this would make unhappy a lot of players.

I totally agree. Except if you avoid using them and will shoot with it from time to time, or if you are in a team where there are few shooters…
That’s why I ask for an increase of the revolver’s ammunitions.

About shotgun, you’re right. I don’t play it because it is garbage. And yes it needs something to make it good. You really have not enough ammo with this gun. It is not piercing, has less damages than bolter, less ammo than bolter… hmm, it reminds me something I wrote… ah yes this thread.

Again agree. They should do like for heavy sword “headtaker”. The crucian roulette of revolver should be 5%.
I am less concerned by this, I would not use crucian roulette even at +5%… but I agree with you.

Even with headshot, revolver is far behind a bolter.
A bolter does really bigger damages, and even without aiming for heads…

This won’t happen… at least that’s my opinion. Special attack of the revolver is totally useless.

Better ammo restoration from elite kills won’t be changed. Ironsight of the revolver is pretty good.

Bolter is good against a sniper as is a revolver… except that a revolver (normal one) cannot take down a sniper with one bullet. Bolter can. Bolter has a very good ironsight, revolver also.

Totally agree. An increase in the weakspot damages (and critical ones) would be enough good for me. After all, this is a precision weapon.

Thanks. Took me 10 minutes to get the perk, but now I can one shot snipers in damnation. However, with a bolter I can, without any perk!

Crucian description is a lie. You get 1 stack per 10% of mag missing so mag size is largely irrelevant. With T4 Crucian the revolver gets +10% crit chance per bullet missing which is pretty decent TBH.


Yes, the current one is useless, but it could be changed to be something cool, and useful

Don’t get me wrong. I agree that it is useless, but a change from FS is unlikely to happen.
The changes I propose is just changing 2 values (15 minutes max).
What you propose needs a lot of work.

I never claimed otherwise. I just prefer to run with a revolver. I just tend to avoid overpowered ranged weapons.

I play a lot on a revolver on a psyker and it’s ok for me. Sometimes the dmg doesn’t come in but every headshot is death.
I don’t have a problem with ammo either - especially if you have a veteran in your team.
the great advantage of the revolver is its draw speed (you can use it in melee and fire all 5 bullets) another piercing bullets and stopping power and great critical dmg .
On about 80% of reolades, is really quickly.
It’s very precise and if you’ve had some shooter game practice you’ll have high accuracy and snipe enemy from away.

So I disagree with the OP. The revolver is ok