Speedloader for revolver

Can we please please reload all bullets at once if you empty the thing out, please?
It would instantly make the weapon top tier.


Are you really a revolver enjoyer if you don’t love reloading during battle :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You don’t always have the luxury on Maelstrom to do so :frowning:

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Tbh, it can ruin several behaviors…
like with crucian roulette I never reload entirely.

However, I would be fine if they would introduce that… cause tbh, the revolver feels better with the buff, but they are still far away of a shotgun and I won’t even talk of a bolter. And the problem is that its niche is precise fire… but with the 5 bullets and the number of enemies… you cannot make it shines. And even with the right perks, a revolver is a poor crusher killer.

Auric maelstrom exists to be hard, even unfair, buffing everything up for that difficulty kinda removes the point of the difficulty TBH. I dunno I think the last buff they gave Revolver was pretty well what it needed.

in the grim darkness of the far future there is only pain

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I would agree… with more ammos and a nerf of the bolter (that is obviously too strong).
For shotguns, I think they are fine cause they don’t cleave (except with man stopper, but even here it is not all shots that will cleave). They lack a little ammo boost also.

So, yes I think the boost was good… however, I don’t see why I would use a revolver. If it is to use it to remove a threat in a melee, a shotgun does it better. If it is to snipe, a boltgun can snipe also and has 15 bullets in magazine. If it is for its piercing bullets, Boltgun has them also. If it is for its DPS, shotgun exceeds it easily… and Boltgun more yet (Precision: I see nothing wrong with the fact a Boltgun does insane damages - but I see a problem that it is a gun that excels in too many areas).

the stepped reloading animation is what makes the revolver stand out from every other generic revolver in gaming, would be a shame to lose that.

I’d rather they just buffed the revolvers damage/penetration to make up for slow reload, or sped up the reload animation by 50% with a skill in the new skill tree.


I wouldn’t want that gone, it looks awesome, just the ability to speedload IF you empty all chambers out. Or an option even, let us hold R to reload all bullets at once, if you had leftover while doing so, you lose those.

Just tired of having to use shredder every game to not be at least partially regretful about my ranged choice.

No, it’s not.
This was discussed before…

Stop the Nerf-Train.

Buff other weapons instead.

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My opinion. And I am not alone (and let’s say I often use it, and can see the gap between weapons).

Yours is different… fine…

However, I will tell you something that will look strange for you.

You have no right to tell me what I have to think… this is not a democracy, nor it is an autocracy… this is just a forum.
People express what they think… and I don’t need your permission to post something.

Fact is, Bolter cover all the areas of Shotgun and revolver. The revolver has its niche, the precision. You can “snipe” really good with it. It has also a good point, you can switch to it relatively fast.
However, the Bolter snipe easily, can auto fire, has piercing bullets, can wipe everything easily with click left, 15 ammos in clip, a largest reserve than a shotgun or a revolver, can open the shield of a reaper.
It is above both weapons, that are the weapons that are close, by their effects, of the bolter.
So, I commented alsozara’s post… I think he is right, the buff was good. But, when you consider the options, you can see that the buff is not enough to make it a true alternative to things that are better (shotgun if you wish fast switch+high dps - Boltgun for piercing high dps).
I don’t think that we can buff all weapons except the Boltgun… also, it would impact badly the boltgun. In fact, I repeat that the Boltgun should still keep its insane DPS. If there is a nerf that has to be done (and here, it is FS that decides), then it should not impact the DPS of the Boltgun.
But, I maintain that, actually, the reasons to pick a revolver over a shotgun or a boltgun are not here…

This is a total personal opinion and you know what? at contrary of you, I can suffer that others don’t agree with me… that’s the purpose of a forum.

Ok fair enough…

I’m just left rather confused since nobody asked you to give your opinion on the boltor in this unrelated thread, AGAIN.

There are ways of saying that the revolver is niche without starting another “nerf boltgun” tirade…

If other weapons are better but not equal, doesn’t matter. What matters is that all options are viable and you enjoying something that isn’t meta, doesn’t call for the meta to be nerfed ffs.


You are right. Fine.

No, you don’t and neither do I need yours.

I dispute that “Fact”.

Shotguns fill another niche. … They are Shotguns… CQB.

The Revolver is a joke weapon. Taking it on Damnation is IMO a dumb move.
Fault is FatShark here. For adding a weapon with next to no real role… LIKE SO MANY!

The thing is, the Bolter has MANY drawback, which is why I pointed out:
It has been discussed & pointed out before. It’s not OP at all.

It taked way longer to pull out then (the Revolver), to bring to ADS & to reload,
unless you got a high Reload Stat & you use Max Reload Blessings like I do…

Also in CQB-Shots it’s WAY harder to aim, then other guns.

THIS is the reason I disagree with you.

At least the Bolter has a function/role that works WELL.
So nerfing it would be the the wrong move.

What makes you think I can’t “suffer” your opinion. ’
I just don’t agree & find the whole calls for nerfs wrong.

Just MY opinion.

The Revolver is very niche anyway.
It should get buffed/ get a new role.

AGAIN: If I see someone with a Revolver on Damnation,
my fist though is “Oh, No!”

But the Bolter shouldn’t suffer because of this fault of ANOTHER weapon.


And that’s your right. I can even say that I understand where you’re coming from.
Boltgun has drawbacks, that’s correct.
However, while I agree with this, the problem is more that a bolter can do better what others weapons do…
And especially for the revolver.

Btw, I think you know it but let’s say it again, a nerf is not necessary just about damages. I seriously think that there is just a need of a slight nerf…

Here we return on the topic…
Yes, it is that… and you know the worst? when I use the revolver, I wonder at start if I will regret my choice… And as the several last times I used it I regretted it… I removed it from my chars.

However, let’s say it, the revolver has a setup that is not totally bad… crucian roulette and hand canon.
The original proposition of the OP could impact badly that. However, this one that is more restricted and would give more freedom, is not something that would impact badly such blessing combination.

In fact, I think that the revolver has its niche… but Bolter can cover it…
Precision fire is something that can be done both by boltguns and revolvers… However, while revolver has only this good point, Boltgun has several strong points…

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Speed- and Autoloaders are all horded by the AdMechs.

That’s why regular Imperial Navy Ships have to load Macrocannons by the thousands of hands:

No speedloader for you!

But jokes aside.

I think FS thought it would be balance thing.
Only the Revolver isn’t really good, because it fills no special role.


The Bolter is a jack of some trades, but master of none.

For example:
The Revolver is still VERY good at killing specials & reloads fine with max reload blessings.
Also I find it often easier the snipe with the Revolver over the Bolter, but that might just be me…

Personaly I think the reload on the Revolver is fine.
Especially with Blessings & compared to the Bolter.

As I said. I think the Revolver needs some sort of “Buff”/a true role.

IMO nerfing the Bolter is not a solution.

That will only make the Bolter less useable, but the Revolver stays just “Not good enough”.

@Ralendil @PSI2007

So here’s the thing, I genuinely do think revolver, while not a top competitor, has a number of really solid things going for it. It fills a kinda interesting niche of long range, very high accuracy, single target deleter. Due to its switch time and damage output it’s kinda like a slightly less bursty agrip slug, allowing killing 2 to 3 enemies in quicker succession than agrip but falling off pretty hard when chaining more targets than that.

Due to this sightly odd niche, despite how much damage Vet pumps into the thing, their usual roll as primary special killer or shooter slayer makes it not a great pick for them (albeit a genuinely fun pick). It makes a lot more sense to me as a quick swap Zealot weapon that has the effective range to deal with snipers, while still being useful for a few shotgunners, gunners, maybe even some ragers here and there where the situation demands. I’d genuinely take it over bolter on Zealot to pair better with quite a number of melee weapons. It’s a solid responsive compliment to a melee heavy playstyle. Also it having I think the highest ranged cleave in the game outside of cheesy things like manstopper or kantrael shotty special makes it especially reliable for picking out tricky threats embedded in horde, eg trappers or flamers.

I think high STG in particular just really hammers at its particular weaknesses, and bringing it there, especially as a Vet where there’s a lot of implied pressure on you to pull very heavy duty on special killing is gonna feel bad, but I also think that’s ok and not every weapon has to be for that mode. In fact as stated above I think trying to buff everything to feel better on content like Auric Maelstrom is a mistake, it’s ok for that kind of content to have a somewhat defined meta, balancing around it is just asking to trivialise lower difficulties (not saying OP’s specific suggestion would do that, just generally wary of any ideas that stem from making more things compatible with that difficulty).


That a good point!

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That’s not you… this also why several think that Bolter is bad at sniping.
Once you get used to it, you can snipe really good anything and really fast… and 15 times.

I totally agree with you on this.
reload is fine on a zealot… it is insane, with correct feats, on a veteran. And this, without any bonus.

You may be right. But playing with a shotgun and just after with a bolter show you the gap between them… Do I have to say that playing with a revolver after a mission with a boltgun can make you cry?
Anyways, not up to me but to Fatshark to see what they think about this.

I agree… but if I want to snipe, I use an agri shotgun. 13 ammos in clip, 60 meters precision…
If I want a good shotgun to kill a special in a melee, I take a Kantrael shotgun.
If I want piercing ammo and still a good precision weapon, I take the bolter.
In my opinion, lawbringer lacks of punch since the new shotguns… and revolver is totally a waste of time.
Not for its role. The weapon fits well its role. But there are many others better choices.
I don’t know exactly how we could correct that without putting a finger on the Boltgun, so buffing the revolver. Mainly cause I really think that the damage buff was good enough. My feeling is that the revolver is not weak, this is other options that are too strong if we compare to it.
But sure, we could have lot of propositions for this… I can give you one in 1 second… the revolver could have a special action that permit to use explosive bullets, something really devastating that would not cleave… It could make it really interesting.

In STG, revolver is just an handicap for the team… even a shotgun can be if you play a veteran and don’t monitor your ammunitions…
Both needs, at least more ammo for being good in STG (but Bolter is really fine on this).

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Well I kinda snipe “fine” with the Bolter. Maybe 11/15 by now, I guess. :sweat_smile:

I agree that the Revolver feels subpar after playing with the Bolter.
But I also pointed out WHY I think that is & so did alsozara.
With the Shotgun(s) I just have a different set of “targets” in mind, so I never get really bothered…
I like the “Sniper”-version most, so I do fine.

But I’m happy that we came to a good conclusion of our discussion.
Sure FatShark has to do something about that…

Splendid! :grinning:

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