Revolver and Speed loader

can we please have a speed loader for the revolver?
I am not going to say just replace all reload Animations no no no.

since we have staged reload Animations that track how much ammo was spent, just add one Animation that uses a speed loader when the gun is empty.

You shoot 1 to 4 rounds? Reload one by one. shoot all 5? use speed loader.


Revolver Vet main here.

I think that the reload speed is fine

What would be a huge QoL to the revolver would be the option for us to fan the revolver while shooting as the ‘special action’.


Yeah, the current special isn’t really fun tbh.

I’d also love to see a variant (Or more likely a separate weapon group) which have us use Twinned Revolvers

Not just that, but being able to fan the hammer would give the Revolver some supression potential that it’s currently lacking.

The reload is very satisfying, it just need to be able to put out some pressure at the expense of ammo and it’s golden.

Also it really need to get some MTX skins.

The new desolation sqad got a damn belt fed roketlauncer with underbarrel net thrower… So a speedloader for a fing revolver not so far fetched…

But sadly that’s goes against the fatsharks desing intends cuz they felt the urgency to going fancy 1,ONE, SINGLE weapon reloading animation instead of practical…

It’d be nice if the Revolver actually had a segmented reload animation, cause every time you reload you see the bullet casings falling out before you put new bullets in and it’s weird that you have infinite bullet casings.


After using a decent revolver on Vet for a few days it feels pretty perfect as is to me. Feels kinda ass on Elite Resistance but that’s a fault with the design of that mode not the gun.

I don’t really think it needs anything other than trick shooter being fixed. Potentially a fantastic blessing that just doesn’t work currently for no reason.

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