Stubber reload animation

I kind of wish that there were reload animation of stubber revolver based on how many rounds were in.
It’s kind of weird when I put in one round and five come out.
I recorded a video of what I mean. Warhammer 40000 Darktide 2022.11.18 -

Otherwise I am having so much fun playing the beta, you guys did a great job. <3

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Weird, i could have sworn this was the case in the beta… have they accidentally launched with an old build or something? There’s so many seeming steps back from the closed beta…


it was, this is a really weird change

this makes me very sad

maybe they did it as a VERY dirty fix to speed up the reload slightly?
if so, kudos, it needed it, but it could have just been sped up instead

regardless, the revolver also needs more reserve ammo to be viable

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