Can we please get a look at ranged weapon's and their reloads/animations?

This has been a reoccurring issue for me for entire playtime on this game. Some guns are reloaded before their animations are done, some are reloaded when the animations are done, and some are after the fact. Bardin’s trollhammer and Saltz’ Volley bow are the 2 biggest offenders of the last category. It drives me up the wall the amount of times I’ve switched to my ranged weapon to reload while in a fight, thinking I could get a quick reload in to prepare for a special to spawn in, only for me to switch to it later on and lo and behold, it didn’t reload during the fight because their reloads take forever to finish, and it’s fine that they have longer reloads, but their animations are not representative of the actual data.

I’m watching Bardin put another torpedo into his trollhammer, I can physically see him do it, yet when I switch back to melee, the number never went up. Now that I’m fighting a horde solo, and a special spawns in, I’m stuck with no range because the reload animation takes like 4 seconds to finish, yet the actual number moves only after 4.5 seconds.

Same with Salt, I can see him pull the handle up and down on the volley bow, there’s no reason why he should still be waiting for a clip. Crazy thing is I swear I could remember a time when they were faster, at least Bardin’s was.

Another thing is that it also affects Kruber’s repeater. Kruber is already pulling the gun up into frame and yet I can’t shoot for another .5 seconds afterwards because the numbers are waiting for the whole animation to finish. Why though? Is that how Fatshark balances the game? By making the reload longer than the animation itself?