Ranger Bardin Variable Reload

Something I was always curious about so I thought I’d ask if it W.A.D.

In vermintide 1 you could get a trait to reload ranged weapons faster. Now this trait was given to Bardin as a default power for his ranger class.

Thing is in vt1 the reload speed would be different if you a)fired then reloaded va b)fired, swapped weapons then swapped back to reload.

In vermintide 2 this remains true, easy to see with the crossbow. But I was curious. Is that intended?

You can force reload after shoot and its little faster, and weapon in most casses are reloaded in 3/4 of animation (you can see clearly when number goes up and its still animation of realoding)

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Ah so perhaps it’s reloading the same it just animates differently? I’ll have to check.

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