Im not even sure if this is a bug or not so im just putting in here

So, the ranger bardin F gives crits if i remember correctly, and the crit restores 2 ammo talent doesnt actually work. Am i missing something here or.

It use to work and if you shot when in that mode you could basically fire for ever but now that doesnt work and i dont remember seeing anything about this.

Also i just tested again and realised it’s actually just a damage increase now or something, seen as crits actually do less and now i feel like that class lost it’s touch if that is the case.

It was, supposedly, a bug that it was 100% crits. Hence, it got fixed.


They really should give him 2 free crits or something because his ammo regen is pathetic since he has no crit talents or ammo regen ones and he has to depend on specials to get 2 arrows and thats if someone else doesnt take it.

Well he does have a talent for increased ammo drops, and you can roll traits to get ammo back on crit or headshot.

It’s not really enough considering he has no crit talents meaning you have to invest items in to providing crit chance. The thing is every other hero has a good ammo sustain class , what happens if specials are scarce or if people pick up your little ammo bags or if you land no crits because you only have a 10% crit chance which sometimes means that even if you shoot 10 times you may not land a crit.

You’re probably using ranged more often than needed, especially if you’re running out of ammo on the Crossbow.
Can I assume you want to crit to get 2 ammo from the Trait? I find the 1 ammo on headshots to be overall more efficient. Even random firing into hordes often results in at least one.

Also, it was an easily exploitable bug that really needed removal. Use a Crossbow, get the career skill cooldown trait on it and you could nearly stay invisible for an entire horde or Monster fight with the 30% cooldown reduction talent. You’re pretty much set if the group lets you have dibs on ammo from specials. If the fight occurred by an ammo crate it was literally impossible to fail.
Not a widely reported exploit since apparently RV is his least popular career, but it’s one of my go-to’s so I came across a few things.

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kinda have to agree with @Cicero, all the other classes have good ammo sustain, but bardin’s is pretty weak, no matter how you build for it. running out of ammo on the crossbow is almost impossible on the BH, but for bardin, you’re gonna have a lot of trouble keeping up with killing specials, stormvermin, maulers and berserkers AND still have enough ammo leftover to deal with a boss.

i love the shotgun build that gets ammo on melee crits tho, that’s pretty fun and good =P

The best way to actually have some kind of ammo sustain is by using the shot gun and using the rightclick attack which does a melee and if you crit on that you get ammo back but that means all the other weapons can’t regen this way.

but it also means you are not doing good dps uptime if u are meleeing away. lol. it’s INCREDIBLY fun getting back ammo this way tho, haha

His ammo sustain isn’t really all that bad, you gain back 30% of your ammo on a special kill. Specials spawn incredibly frequently and unless you have a teammate who is using up all your ammo drops even when you are yellow, you should be set even when overusing your weapon.
Compared to Huntsman (Handgun with +2 ammo on headshots), i find ammo to be much easier on RV. Hitting headshots can in some situations be fairly difficult, you have to rely on your teammates not to attack the ambients all the time or hit difficult skillshots and risk consuming ammo (if you miss the head). Compared to bodyhitting a special.

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Huntsman has a waaay higher crit chance , and that’s why you take the 2 ammo back on crit so that you can shoot a horde a single time and get all your ammo back. If there aren’t any hordes you are still getting 3 ammo back for a critical headshot or 4-5 if you use the talent which gives you more ammo but I don’t remember how much extra that gives , I think it’s 2 more including the 1 you get naturally so 3 plus the critical would be 5.

5% higher unless you pick the +25% crit chance after a headshot talent, which means forgoing +ammo on headshots, still requires hitting heads + luck. I am mostly comparing this to going the headshot ammo route, as i find shooting into hordes with the handgun a waste of time and it’s the only weapon both have in common (might as well compare it to the crossbow iwth it’s +10% crit chance).

If there aren’t any hordes you are still getting 3 ammo back for a critical headshot or 4-5 if you use the talent which gives you more ammo but I don’t remember how much extra that gives , I think it’s 2 more including the 1 you get naturally so 3 plus the critical would be 5.

You get 2 back on a critical headshot with the crit chance talent+scrounger (as you use up 1).
You get back 3 if you go with the headshot ammo talent instead, but that leaves your crit chance really low.

been doing a lot of testing with the crit build for huntsman, and i have to say i find it incredibly unreliable for ammo sustain even when hitting heads for most of the time (handgun).

i find the +3 ammo on headshot route is way easier to remain topped off and allows me to spam shots much more than a crit build. you’re not always going to have a horde to shoot into, and you just cannot guarantee a crit hit on any hit (even with max crit bonuses with +25 crit chance, you still need rnjesus on your side)

with the ammo headshot build, it just takes some training to hit heads, and you’re good to spam =) loving it