Weapon Switch Animation Skip To Reload When Empty Magazine

I believe that emptying your ranged weapon, switching to melee, then back to your ranged weapon should not be penalized by adding a long, albeit cool, weapon switch animation on top of the reload animation.
In my humble opinion, switching to an empty ranged weapon should start the reload animation, instead of playing both the weapon switch animation and then the reload.
Apart from the gameplay benefits, I think it also makes sense, logically speaking. You would not arm your weapon if you knew it was empty.

I believe this small change would help make the gameplay more fluid, emphasizing the hybrid combat aspect of the game.

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Agreed. I mean, i understand that the cokcing of the weapon is balancing, but at the very least swapping into an empty one shouldn’t have TWO delays.

Yes, to add to that, I really really like the weapon switch animations and wish for them to stay as they are. I only wish to see them skipped in this one specific scenario.