Need reloading animation fix

Issue: Reloading animation hinders the game
Would like if the reloading animation wasn’t cancelled if i run or melee while reloading causing me to try to reload again from the beginning. Hate re-reloading during busy fights it really hinders the gameplay.

Solution: Just allow reload animation to continue if you decide to sprint and for the melee animation, when you finish the melee animation to continue/finish the reload animation instead of cancelling the reload animation completely.

Me: Starts to reload bolter from half by taking out the cartridge and reducing loaded ammo to 0.

Also me: Sprints to gain some distance, breaking the reload animation.

Me again: Starts to reload bolter again, this time ammo being 0 and taking out the cartridge AGAIN.

The gunplay in this game is so weird to me. another horde shooter that i can think of is killing floor, which is kind of similar in terms of melee and ranged mixed combat. They seem to pull off the 70-90% ranged combat and everything else melee really well. They don’t hamstring their gunplay just to help their melee not be trash. They made both of them really good. The gunplay is very smooth in kf, and the melee is very smooth.

EDIT: i should edit and say that the melee in this game is not trash. It’s actually really good. My point was more that the devs may be afraid that ranged is going to completely overshadow melee. Let me just say, that killing floor 2 is a perfect example of how that’s absolutely not the case.

Which is odd since some guns can reload from empty state when you interrupt the reload either by sprinting or switching weapons.