Reload speed! Crafting machine!

I just saw you made some changes in reload speed for some weaps but what about Zarona plz?

That’s certainly one of the slowest reload speed and that’s ridiculous, with this kind of weapon, you don’t reload bullet by bullet but you swap the cylinder which is far away faster and intelligent.
We are not in 1860 anymore!

And, btw, where is craft plz?

The aesthetic has nothing to do with the balance, if they swapped the animation, I guarantee you it would be the same speed.
I think the staged reload is much cooler. Also, if you want to be technical, cylinder swapping was the standard in 1858, and the newer revolvers are the ones where it was phased out due to it being impractical, so you have it in reverse.

I don’t think so. Cylinder swap is certainly more actual but, anyway, when you can live a full life without using a revolver, that’s not an issue.
In Darktide, each minute, you have to kill some creeps and this reload phase becomes an issue, while this is already the weapon with the tiniest amount of ammos.

I don’t know how hard it is to implement, but I’d say have the staged reload for 4 bullets and speed loader for 5 bullets at the same speed of doing 4 manually (or other speeds would need testing). That way you need to make the decision of reloading bullet per bullet to quickly intercept a threat or do the full reload and leave you unable to react to ranged threat for the reload duration.