Revolver needs a dmg buff

It’s saddening how many shots it takes in Damnation to kill an ordinary flamer. Or most specials for that matters.

With a very good revolver it takes 3-4 (occasionally 5) body shots to kill a special. And due to poor hit registration in this game, often an entire clip won’t be enough (and we all know how slow the reloading is).


A lot of poeple have already gone through this in another thread so…

Overall i´m still convinced that the revolver is in a good state and well balanced. It may need some better weakspot-multipliers to shine as a more precision-related gun, but that´s it.

Imo it´s like the little sister of the bolter… You´ve a huge penetration against non-armored targets, which assists waveclear and lets you kill multiple elites at once. And it´s more precise and has a better handling compared to the bolter.
Ofc handling and stuff are no real drawbacks at some point, but the flow of the gun is great. Playing it on Vet with the reload-perks will make a huge difference aswell.


A lot of poeple have already gone through this in another thread so…

Didn’t find any thread about buffing damage of the revolver but feel free to link any.

The Dmg is ok. All it needs is MORE ammo. 200 spare minimum.


I think that it needs a damage boost on ONLY weakspot hit.
And it needs, off course, that we have more ammos.

I use actually the shotgun (that needs also more ammo), but I would not say that the shotgun needs a damage boost. The weapon is fine.
However the revolver miss just a slight boost damages on weakspots.


Fatshark should swap ammo count on revolver and flamer. This would address two problems at once.

no on bolter and revolver



I like this idea of boosting the weakspot damage only.

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Eh, ammo is not really much of a problem anymore. And increasing ammo reserve won’t solve the problem of how long it takes to kill (and reload).

Since the Revolver is meant to be played with the Veteran, there is no need to buff its dmg since it would then be overkill.

The Revolver is for players with a high aim Skill, since it has almost no sway and zero spread. It is a guaranteed kill on head shot against every normal human target.

A five shot head shot kill on an Ogryn gunner and it can chest shot kill Maulers with less than 5 shots.

The only downside to the Revolver is, that you get % amounts of ammo from pickups. And as soon you have an Ogryn on twin stubber or a Zealot with flamer or Bolter on your team, you are in a Pickup sprint Battle Royal against them.

Revolver, Boltgun, Shotgun, Flamer. That are the Weapons that are always empty when you reach the last section at Silo Cluster 18-66/a, since there are only 2 small ammo pickups in that area.

Since the Revolver is meant to be played with the Veteran, there is no need to buff its dmg

What makes you say that? Revolver is not veteran-restricted gun and I have seen many zealots using it.

It is ment to be played as Vet because he gets extra dmg on range weapons. it makes no sense to use it on any other. that would be like using auto pistol on psyker if you go for revolver on zealot.

agree. I love revolver and dont feel they need any change. Is in good place.

Autopistol on Psyker is actually excellent due to power and warp siphon being multiplicative with each other as well as how Psyker’s core kit covers every weakness the autopistol has but that’s for another topic I suppose.

Before even talking about what damage it should do, the first issues slapping my faces everytime i pick the gun are :

Reload time ( mentioning Vet only here. For other classes it’s comedic ). Even the shotgun wins here, why do you have to reload bullet per bullet, it’s sexy alright but not usable, by the time you reload your fellow psyker would cast BB twice. Should reload all 5 at once.

Ammo sustain. 5 bullets, Low ammo capacity (80 or something), ammo refills give like 10 for the small ones, it looks decent on paper but you wont kill elites fast enough to stabilize with the Vet passive and you dont want to use them on anything else or you’ll run instantly.

Well it does allow some interesting micro to maximise Crucian roulette bonuses eg always reloading to 3 ammo in clip to start your next barrage off with +20% crit chance so I don’t mind that part personally. It could definitely afford to be quicker.

I dunno if I’d run it in Damnation but I was having stupid fun with las pistol on Psyker doing Heresy. The M2 function is really more of a suggestion now, I was drilling heads from the hip and constantly refreshing Ghost. The goofy special actually uses Peril so you can quickly pop 2 toughness on your bar in a pinch, without having to run force sword. The high mobility of las pistol pairs well with something like combat axe, recover stamina with that and swap back to the pistol for super speed. I’m glad trash guns are getting a look at, its maybe a damage drop off % change away from being solid. I haven’t even run one on Vet.

Laspistol can also be good on Psyker, my mate runs it on Damnation all the time. You realise that comment was about auto pistol though yeah?