Quickdraw Revolver - Please buff headshot damage

That is all I ask, this thing can’t even 1-shot a sniper with a headshot on heresy/damnation.
It does what? 390 headshot damage when a bodyshot does 300? That’s incredibly underwhelming.


I was surprised this weapon wasn’t an auto execute on maniacs and unarmored heads.

with its reload animation, low ammo pool and magazne capacity. Id be happy for this to be an auto weakspot execute weapon lol on elites. I think that’s reasonable (or auto knock down on armored weakspots which I think it does anyway)


They either have to up the reload speed and the total ammo count, or crank the damage wheel to exterminatus.

The second option would probably create a more unique weapon that doesnt get pitted against the shotgun at every turn.


A higher ammo total to not be so ammo-box hungry (5 bullets per scavenged box on non-veterans.)
And some headshot tweaking, keeps it skill gated by boosting that component.

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It’s fine damage wise, one of its big benefits is the ability to quickshot things to stumble them/knock them down (Even reapers and crushers), it could use some more reserve ammo and maybe a small reload speed buff.

It feels different enough from the shotgun to me, though they fill similar niches. Revolver is fantastic at thinning out hordes if you have an excess of ammo for whatever reason along with long range snipes/stumbles, shotgun is more pure stumble power.

Even with needing a small buff it’s just satisfying as hell to use as a zealot sidearm, it just feels slick as hell to hear a trapper coming, slide at her while shooting her in her stupid face to stumble her/knock her down, then finishing her with a quick swap back to melee. Or just getting off quick shots even mid horde with how fast it is to switch to/from.

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Nah, 5 headshots to kill a flamer ain’t right man.


Agreed the ammo pool is waaay too small. It could easily be doubled while still being balanced or lower tier.
If this weapon replaces the bolter than it should at the very least have more ammo pool than the bolter since it does less damage and shoots slower.

Making it the eco option by boosting the ammo economy to compensate for less damage, slow reload, etc., makes sense.

Even from a believability standpoint, the bullets on this are small and you should be able to carry more of them

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It’s a side arm that’s an on demand stun on pretty much everything even with body shots. Not everything has to be made to be a primary damage source. I’d be completely okay with another revolver variant that is more intended as one as I love the hand cannon feeling of revolvers in games that have them, but I don’t think the revolver needs much of a buff.

EG: Revolver go bonk - Darktide - YouTube

Just a very short damnation clip showing some quick uses of it for the stumble portion of it. It’s an enabler weapon that does decent (Not amazing) damage, with some great AoE if you line enemies up.

A weapon being decent at something doesn’t mean it’s not weak. Especially considering the revolver specifically has more important weaknesses imposed on it, the low damage seems at odds with the weapons limited ammunition and incredible kick upon firing.
The revolver shouldn’t be a glorified stun gun. It’s ok for it to deal damage and stagger something, it already has weaknesses baked into its design to balance around.

And I literally said I agree that it could use some buffs to reserve ammo/a small reload speed buff. I just don’t think a damage buff is the way to go.

I do think a damage buff is the way to go, specifically for headshots, body damage is pretty good but a rough 30% damage increase when hitting the head is way too little. It’s not even enough to kill a simple sniper and increasing your total reserve ammo or reload speed slightly does next to nothing to improve its capacity in dealing with immediate threats.
If damage isn’t the way to go, then a buff to its stagger power should be next in line so that the few bullets you have are at least useful to control enemies more effectively rather than just a second long stun.

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I adore the revolver on my Veteran. Probably my favorite build is all reload feats plus a knife for melee.

More headshot damage would always be good, but i think I’d rather more base ammo. Not sure what the design philosophy behind stub guns having so low ammo count, but if I could have 15 or 21 more bullets, I could probably go a mission without having to greed so hard for ammo pick-ups

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