Some weapon feedback

All around, I think this is Fatshark’s best work in terms of weapon design and visceral feedback. There’s a bit of jank and some movesets feel lacking, but overall it’s been awesome using this arsenal.

They are probably the most janky to use, with the delay on tap-firing and after returning from ADS. The iron sights can also be very rough to use; some variants with holo sights would be great, especially for the headhunter autogun.

Pretty much perfect; one small missed detail is there are still shells in an empty magazine when you reload. Some more variants would be awesome.

Also near perfect, though I wish there was a bit more gore from single plasma impacts.

Power swords
Awesome to use, though a little too strong compared to it’s counterparts in the other classes(i.e Eviscerator, thunderhammer, force sword…pls buff those instead of nerfing these :pray: ). The third person lightning effect really looks low quality and doesn’t match what you see in first person, which is pretty much no effect at all. A more visible indicator of the sword being charged while using it/a better effect would be great.

Almost nailed it, but I think it needs to cause more visceral damage on the enemy models, particularly the light-special attack; you kinda just chainsaw into the mob and they fall over dead, with no visible gore. I also feel like the magnetized lock on of the special attack could be a little less aggressive, it’s very noticeable when sawing into a daemon eye where it pulls your aim down into it, and the sword should have a bit of cleave through mobs on a fully charged heavy-special attack like the Eviscerator.

Thunder Hammer
Love the CC on heavy attacks, though getting knocked out of the charge by damage is a bit irritating. The special thunder attack leaves a lot to be desired and feels awful to use compared to the other special melee weapons. It is quite effective at taking out singled out specials, but it’s very hard to use in a horde; it seems to magnetize to enemies like the chainsword or forcesword, making it hard to hit what you want, but coupled with the very lengthy animation lock almost guarantees you’re going to get hit. I think the special attack should have an AOE blast, either pure CC or with some splash damage, to let it play into that crowd control role more and make it useful during hordes. As it stands, pretty much every other melee choice is a better option. (also bring back the warrior-priest hammer swinging animation/moveset, it was badass)

Hellbore lasgun
Awesome to use, would be nice to have variants with a scope or sight. I also would love it if you could parry with the bayonet, as it feels borderline useless in terms of staggering and damage right now.