Ogryn's Heavy Stubber

Hello dear admis-administra-administra’thum. I’m a big boy ogryn. And I really like big weapons go bang bang into em’ ‘eretics. Sadly I’ve noticed that my heavy stubber is not smashin em’ heretics as good as I’d like em to be smashed. Other weapons seem better, and I’ve used em’, but nothing beats that fragin’ RATATATATATAtat—uhm-- sorry. So I hope to see that machine tuned to ogryn’s liking. So I could enjoy myself smashing muties and poxes and 'eretics like the God-Emp’rah intended! While also protecting my boss-man.



But in whole honesty, the heavy stubber is underpowered in comparison to weapons like the rumbler or the gauntlet. I feel like a little damage buff or spread reduction while aiming would do the job.


suppression actually working would probably improve it


I was just about to make a thread about the Twinlinked Heavy Stubber.
I understand game design wise there was a gap where the machine gun spot would be but this isn’t the weapon to put there I don’t think.
It’s a great visual spectacle and a lore friendly option for an Ogryn don’t get me wrong.
I love the idea of it.

But it sounds like a light machine gun where it is firing LARGER rounds than a bolter.
For a start give it a slower rate of fire but vastly higher damage per bullet and big bassy booms when it fires, let it be the gun it looks like.
Armour breaking is perfect for a heavy stubber, and per bullet damage should be the highest in the roster so far, so why is this doing the opposite?
I’m seeing autoguns out gun this thing.

As a balance give it substantially less ammo (large rounds, even an ogryn can’t carry too many shots for something that is supposed to be on vehicles).
And maybe even a longer setup time/stance setting before firing, but let the thing shine when it does shoot, high levels of horde mayhem with penetrating rounds and hard target damage above the rest of the guns.

There are box fed autoguns that can fill the current profile of the weapon and could be used as another unique option for the Sharpshooter instead.


To my knowledge, there isnt a twin linked heavy stubber for ogryns anyways, there are twin linked heavy stubber weapon teams and quad stubber for tarantula turrets. Lore wise there are only few “Ogryn Proof” weapons, yes the heavy stubber is one of it, but there is no twin-linked version, because ogryns tend to, how did Dustbus put it, RATATATATATATATATA until the mag is empty or they wanna use there gun as a club. However there is the Mauler Cannon, a modified twin-barrelled M34 autocannon designed specifically for Ogryns. Rebuilt with a heavier frame, shorter barrels and a fire-limiter, as a semi auto, anty heavy infrantry/light vehicle weapon it would fit much better into the ogryns arsenal, because we already have enough anty horde range options.

But this is one of the very few mistakes FS made lore wise, so i can overlook it :slight_smile:

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Heavy Bolter when?

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I feel like the shield is the only viable weapon at higher difficulties if you are front lining. I really miss the number of viable options I had with ironbreaker in Vermintide 2.

Yeah the Heavy Stubber is pretty disappointing, I hope it gets buffed. Probably more armour penetration, damage and a bit more accuracy would make it feel much better to use.

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They just need to make the damn stability stat do something, it literally does NOTHING for the weapon. That and give it a boost, the bullets should explode and do small aoe, we are supposed to be the horde clearer and all but that gun really accentuates it, I mean don’t get me wrong I enjoy red misting pox walkers but at the end of the day, what I did with the 120-130(max I’ve had so far) shots could be done in 1 or 2 grenades, WITHOUT a near 10 second reload speed, oh man that reload speed, ugh.

Right now the heavy stubber just seems like it fills the same role as the grenade gauntlet, and isn’t as good in that role. That’s a shame, as it’s fun to fire. As others have said, more penetration would help give it its own niche. I do like the suggestion for somewhat lower fire rate and more damage per shot, too, exaggerate the difference between it and an autogun.

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I really enjoy the lore, so being able to blast heavier weapons from said lore, even if not lore friendly to be shot by an ogryn, does feel great. I’d like to even see some bolter variant in the ogryn’s hands. It’s heretical enough that anyone of the rejects would posses a single bolter round, letalone a whole weapon. : )

I’ve never felt like it was underpowered. I rather like it’s ability to cut down entire hordes. I don’t think it should have great accuracy at longer range because that’s what the Veteran is for. It’s already a really good weapon, imo.

well insofar as lore is concerned, we’re the Inquisition so we can give anyone the weapon needed to do the job.

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I’ve no issues with the weapon handling traits of the heavy-stubber, it clearly sits in the medium range bracket where it excels at. It’s accuracy might not be great, but for it’s range bracket, its good enough and it comes with enough stopping power to clear hordes out with ease.

I’m less amused with the weapon ready time animation and the abysmally long reloading speed.
Even with the clip out, it still feel rather long time to get it ready.

The spread is absolutely crazy (even in RMB on mid range in grinder mode test).
… This needs some serious tweaking as currently most, not all, ranged dps options from ogryn are useless mid and beyond in range. I get the concept of wanting to tank and then switch to ranged potentially (if that was the idea) but this is not playing out in high level and I am just burning through ammo without impact.